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Natural resin rings

The life of a modern person does not stay still. More and more new things appear every day brining unbelievable changes to our daily lifestyle. The same thing is happening with fashion and jewelry world. As soon as we’re used to think that white gold and black pearls do exist and create exclusive haut couture jewelry – new trends appear and take us by surprise again.

Sterling silver resin rings are very creative pieces of jewelry, showcasing their intriguing black and white resin patterns.

High polished Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver are made for those who enjoy the most up-to-date fashion trends. Resin rings are for fashion pioneers who need a jewelry to match their individuality. Popular animal themed zebra pattern rings are created with the black resin cut into proper shape and then filled with white resin in order to create an op-art pattern. Being that trendy these rings are best looking at the parties with the clubwear although good looking with the elegant dress as well while adding a contemporary look. Most of them come with bands that are adjustable in size and fit any finger!

They are also universal and suit both men and women and help to jazz up daily office routine or to attract the looks at the party. All these make resin so popular in jewelry design. What can be more attractive than a beautiful combination of materials that are not supposed to match each other. Warm soft and matte resin makes the cold and hard silver shine even more. This mix cannot be ignored by fashion world any more. That is why high fashion designer houses such as Armani add resin jewelry to their collections.

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