Cheap silver toe rings

sterling silver toe rings

Plain sterling silver toe rings are always "hot" in summer. Such small adornments are used to emphasize a graceful pair of feet and are having their high time during vacations season. The women around the globe are gladly wearing them to show off their feet in a best possible way. Being plain does not mean they can not be eye-catching. We offer them in various patterns for you to choose.

Antiqued or highly polished, patterned or not, a toe ring adds the grace and signals that a woman is taking good care of herself "from top to toe". All featured in our store toe rings are size adjustable, which makes it possible to give them as a present to a friend or a beloved.

A toe ring is a perfect choice for an exclusive personality, a confident woman with unpredictable nature. For those who prefer glamorous style – crystal toe rings are the best options. Also people who practice yoga or Buddhism prefer to wear this kind of accessories. Toe rings are really special – they are tiny and almost invisible but despite their modesty and their size they do attract men’s attention. These ring has very strong sexual energy, although it is not about the ring itself but it is about the unusual way of wearing it that attracts men. Toe rings definitely add spice to the whole look.

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How to wear sterling silver toe rings

  • The best way to wear toe rings is with open shoes
  • On which toe – you decide. The most popular are the big toe the second and the middle ones.
  • You can also play with the position of the ring – wear it at the bottom of the toe or in the middle. Just make sure it does not prevent bending the toe while walking.
  • Play with the quantity – wear a single toe ring or a mix of them on both feet.
  • And don’t forget about the pedicure. If you’re going to wear a toe ring it should be perfect, French style is also good.
  • And remember that silver toe rings look better on tanned skin.

How to choose a toe ring

Considering the fact that a toe ring is exposed to water and might get wet on a rainy day, at the beach or during taking a shower it is highly recommended to choose golden or silver ring as these metals do not oxidize and thus have longer life. Silver rings have one extra advantage – they are more adjustable to the size of the toe as silver is a quite flexible metal.

The form of the ring could be very different, but the most popular and comfortable one is a spiral – broken ring. It is easier to take it on and off and it suites almost any size and shape of the toe.

The ring could be decorated with crystals, semi-precious gems or enamel.

There is also a version for kids and teenagers – a silicon base toe ring with bright and cute decoration. It is absolutely not expensive and sits firmly on the toe.