How to get rid of skin discoloring under the sterling silver rings

If you are a person who enjoys wearing rings made of precious metals, especially silver, you might have already seen the green or black colorings that sometimes appear under your rings. We hope you did not panic and did not get rid of your ring because the reasons for that discoloring are known and we are going to give you several tips on how to avoid it. Knowing the factors, influencing the color of your skin will help you keep your jewelry in the best condition for a very long time.

What are discoloring reasons

So, let us remind you that rings are usually made of an alloy, but not of pure gold or silver. In the case of silver, the most popular is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper, we all know it as sterling silver. Copper itself may sometimes produce a reaction with your skin and leave some green stains. The reason is the acid in your skin. Most often it does not just your skin type, but the way you treat it.

discoloring reasons

Domestic chores

Our fingers are affected by numerous different environments. When you wash the dishes or do some cleaning at home you surely use different chemicals. Those may react with sterling silver making your skin green or black. It is better to take your fine jewelry rings during such activities. In case it is not an option for some reason, make sure to use special gloves in order to protect not just your jewelry, but the skin of your hands as well. To be specific, the chemical that is most likely to harm your jewelry during everyday wear is chlorine.


Different body lotions or creams you apply to your hands that are supposed to soften your skin may affect the beauty of your jewelry. Some of their contents are harder than the metals that are used in jewelry production. Tiny pieces of metal could be easily worn off by those particles also causing the stain. Try to not use lotions, soaps, or any other cleaning liquids when you have your ring on.

Physical activity

Even the sweat may be harmful so to keep your jewelry beautiful for the longest period of time it is good to wear it only when you really need to. Always take it off when you go to the shower, swimming pool, and other high humidity areas. It is better to take the rings off before going to bed too.

How to clean your finger from discoloring

Once you notice an unattractive green or black line on the skin in a place where you had a ring, you need to get rid of the staining quickly and painlessly. The simplest way is to wash your hands with soap in warm water and use a soft brush. When it doesn’t work, you can resort to make-up remover or alcohol for cleaning strong coloring. The last option is to apply nail varnish remover over the stain and rinse it thoroughly under running water. Then you should use hydrating cream and lotion to prevent your skin from flaking.

How to clean your finger from discoloring

How to preserve the ring quality

Besides reducing the reasons for staining, you should not forget to take care of your sterling silver rings regularly in order to prevent chemical reactions. This activity will as well keep your jewelry best looking. So let's explore tips on how to make your sterling silver ring last long and do not leave coloring on your skin.

Clean your ring properly

It’s essential to know how to clean your silver jewelry to maintain its beauty and properties. Silver may tarnish because of high temperatures and chemicals covering with a dirty layer that may leave discoloring on your finger.
You can get professional cleaning or do it at home. It’s quite easy and you need soap, warm water, and a soft cloth for polishing. If your ring has engravings and etched designs you should make a paste from baking soda and water and clean a decoration with a soft brush.

Sometimes, these cleaning methods may not be enough and then you need to resort to deep cleaning. You can make a solution of vinegar and baking soda and leave your ring in a dip for a night.

Get professional cleaning

It’d be great to have a professional jewelry cleaning of your ring at least once a year. You can care for the decoration at home but a specialist will provide you with quality help. There are ultrasonic cleaners that remove the tiniest pieces of dirt from your silver ring. It’s especially crucial for decorations with engravings and sophisticated designs.

If you have a gemstone ring be careful with applying cleaners and chemicals at home as they may damage the stone. Consider some tips on cleaning your silver and mother-on-pearl jewelry to maintain its initial beauty and quality. The professional knows all ins and outs and will clean the ring the best possible way without any risks for gemstones quality.

Store the ring correctly

The place where you store your sterling silver ring plays a crucial role in preserving the decoration quality. Put it always in a safe, dry place where it won’t be exposed to heat and humidity. You can also put a piece of chalk in a box to remove excessive moisture.

Consider that a dark cold place with no direct sun rays is the best place to keep your sterling silver ring and prevent it from tarnishing. Before placing the ring in a jewelry box, wipe off dirt and sweat.

It’s recommended to choose airtight boxes so that the ring polish is preserved for a long time. You can also wrap your silver decoration in the anti-tarnish paper when storing. Store your jewelry pieces separately to avoid scratches.

How to preserve the ring quality


Now you know tricks on how to get rid of the staining from wearing a silver ring. Knowing the above written and trying to follow the provided instructions will surely help you reduce or even solve for good the green and black staining problem. Care for your ring properly and once you have skin discoloration, clean it correctly. Your silver rings will stay in good condition, and you can enjoy wearing them without any challenges.



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