No one would doubt that any jewelry needs to be taken proper care of to look as gorgeous as at the day it has been bought. The pearl jewelry is no exception and as long as it is extremely popular we decided to compile a set of guidelines on caring for your precious pearl jewelry pieces.

First, let us note that preventing is always better then fixing so taking a good care of your jewelry when you wear it is a right thing to start with. You should try to protect the pearls. Make a habit to apply all the cosmetic products before putting the jewelry on. This is a good rule regardless the type of jewelry in concern. Hair products, sprays and perfumes contain the chemicals that are capable of damaging your pearls. Do not apply perfume to your neck when wearing a necklace; use your wrist to that purpose instead. It is a good idea to rub the pearls gently with a bit damp soft cloth before putting them away for the night.

How to clean silver jewelry with pearls

In case the cleaning is inevitable to recover the initial beauty of jewelry then Use the following method. It is also suitable for jewelry pieces that contain other gemstones alongside pearls. Use dish soap for cleaning. Dissolve it in a bowl of slightly warm water. Then use a piece of soft cloth damped in the mixture to remove dirt and oil from pearls. After that use clean water to rinse the cloth and wipe the jewelry once again. Use a Dry the jewelry with a napless cloth.

As you might have already guessed the main idea is to avoid the methods that could possibly harm the pearls. In order to keep the pearls clean without exposing those to hazardous medium neither soak pearls in liquids nor use steamers for cleaning. Pearls are organic. They do absorb moisture as well as are the subject to mechanical damage so keep the jewelry of that kind away of rough cleaning processes.

The next obvious step is proper storage of your pearls. Using the box it was sold in for storage is a good idea. In unavailable, get yourself a special jewelry box with separate compartments. It would serve you good as your collection of jewelry grows over time as long as each piece should have its own space to avoid scratching one another. Make sure you do not use plastic zipped bags for pearls storage as the lack of air might result in dehydration of your precious pearls.

There is one final advice on how to make your pearl bracelets or necklaces serve you as long as possible – take those to a jeweler from time to time and get them restrung. It might be done once in two to three years to make sure the piece does not break and get lost.