How to make best use of your sterling silver charms

Sterling silver charms nowadays are thought to be one of the most popular jewelry types. We are not even talking just about the silver accessories. Many women who have always loved wearing gold jewelry become fascinated by the originality and fashionable look of sterling silver bracelets filled with various stylish beads and charms. As the popularity of sterling silver charms is tremendous, some people might think that these jewelry pieces are becoming even too popular with fewer and fewer options to stand out. On one hand, there is almost zero chance to see the same bracelet on someone else’s wrist, but on the other – why should you limit yourself to bracelets? Why don’t you play it original? Let us offer you a couple of ways of implementing sterling silver charms into your wardrobe.

How to compliment your outlook with sterling silver charms?

There are many options to decorate your clothes with charms. And you can easily turn your look from elegant to casual just by adding the appropriate charm. The advantages of wearing charms are also that you can choose a specific style and complement it with charms. For example, you were invited to a themed party in the '90s. And what if you don't have the right clothes? Just wear a regular dress and complement it with sterling silver charms in a vintage style. Fantasize as you wish, because it is you who create your unique look! We have selected the most extravagant solutions for you to use your charms. Get to know them all and choose your best option!

Decorate your handbag

The first one seems to be the most obvious one. What is the women’s most necessary accessory? We think of a handbag. Why don’t you clip a charm to it? That sterling silver charm will definitely bring an additional flair especially if you do not wear jewelry on your body. Use your imagination when choosing charms. Select the one that you fall in love with from first sight or search for the one that will showcase your personal features. You may even make practical use of the charm – always take you too long to find the pocket with the keys? Clip a charm to it.

Play with a zipper

You still do not know how to diversify your usual jacket and breathe new taste into your everyday look? You can replace a standard zipper pull with the charm. Not only will it be fresh and cool, but sweet and personal as well. Let’s say you wear the same jacket for a walk with your dog as some of your friends. Add a cute dog charm to it for a natural and lovely look.

Make your shoes look outstanding

Fashion nowadays can be tricky sometimes. Everyone loves canvas shoes these days so seeing a person in an identical pair when you less want it is a common situation. Add some sparkle while you walk with one or several charms attached to your shoes. You can just string a few charms on the laces and your shoes will attract everyone's attention. Match the style with the things you enjoy or even a hobby of yours.

Place a few charms on your hair

Sometimes there are events and occasions when you are not supposed to wear canvas shoes or zipper jackets. Those are the classy events when you wear your gorgeous little black dress with high heels and your handbag is replaced with a clutch which might be too small for a charm to look appropriate. Those are the events when your hairstyle can be embellished with a sterling silver charm bringing luxurious glitter to your hair. You can use this tip for your daily outfits as well by choosing more lighthearted and maybe even fun-looking charms.

How to wear sterling silver charms in an original way?

In addition to decorating your clothes and making them unique, you can also wear original sterling silver charms. And the secret is that there are no rules on how to use this jewelry. Put it on your neck or your ears and your charms will flirt with new colors. Here are some ideas of how to wear your charms and stand out from the crowd.

Place some charms on your earrings

If you have a delicate and simple hoop or round earrings, put some sterling silver charms on them. This is very easy: just string one small charm on each earring and get ready to receive compliments. Do not put on very massive charms. They will burden your ears. It is better to make a small but successful accent.

Place some charms on your earrings

Diversify your safety pins

Safety pins can not only play a useful role but also an aesthetic role if you decorate them with sterling silver charms. In addition, they will be very easy to place on safety pins. It is very popular to wear safety pins with initial charms that express your individuality.

Diversify your safety pins

Make yourself a choker with a ribbon and charms

Are you in love with boho style? Then you can easily create a choker by yourself using the simplest materials. You will need a narrow ribbon in your favorite color and a delicate sterling silver charm. Think about a tasteful combination. Don’t use very colorful ribbons. You can use white or gray ribbons to ideally match the sterling silver.

Make yourself a choker with a ribbon and charms

Adorn your scarf with sterling silver charms

If you have a lot of scarves and don’t know how to wear them originally, use some charms. And here you can act in two ways. You can sew on tiny charms just right on your scarf. And then you can just wear it around your neck instead of a necklace. Another way to use scarves with charms is to pick some massive charms and stretch the scarf through them. Here you can fantasize a lot because the ways to put on scarves are limitless.

Adorn your scarf with sterling silver charms 


As you see, charms are a great way to personalize your look by adding them not only to bracelets or necklaces but to your clothes, shoes, scarves, safety pins, or even hair. And these ideas are endless. You can always be imaginative and invent your own fun way to wear sterling silver charms and to stand out, and we are happy to provide you with a selection of premium quality sterling silver charms.



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