Many men nowadays wear sterling silver band rings for style, not limiting themselves to wedding rings. A man is really making a statement by wearing a band, it all depends which finger he chooses.

The first common choice a man makes for wearing a meaningful ring is the little finger. In this case a ring does not possess any cultural, ethnic or religious background. Rings are worn on little finger when a man really wants it to get attention.

The so called forth finger is usually connected with wedding traditions in the Americas. You wear a ring on the right hand when you are engaged, and the left forth finger with a ring on it means that a man is married.

Middle finger is the boldest and also the largest finger. It might seem strange, but middle finger rings are not a common thing among men although the middle finger is a safe choice for the first ring as long as central position tends to look manly in men’s eyes and makes getting used to a new jewelry piece easier. It is also a good choice when you do not want a ring with any marital meaning and do not like pinky rings (those worn on the little finger).

Index finger has been the most popular place for a man’s ring during many centuries. As one might think that it is better to keep the finger clear or jewelry since it is used the most, it occurs that a pointer finger (another name for it) ring does not really bother the wearer. The ring on this finger will surely be best noticeable, so think of a ring you would enjoy attracting attention to – maybe a family symbol? Or an engraving of your favorite hobby name? More than that, this finger is symbolizing such features as authority or leadership.

Thumb rings are more common outside the North America continent. In many societies a ring on this finger symbolizes wealth and power of the man who wears it.

The thumb ring is the best choice when men want to wear several rings on one hand because of it being set a bit aside from other fingers.

As the thumb is more often associated with friendly “thumbs up” gesture, you would like to wear a ring that everybody will like. Don’t choose too expensive rings for this finger.