Band rings in all their variety

Made of gold or silver, band rings have always been a wonderful type of jewelry, the one that has been always attracting people’s attention and makes a strong accent in every look for nearly any location. Band rings have started their history since the first discovery of precious metal and till present have not yet lost their popularity.

People tend to associate these rings with the most romantic moments of their lives – marriage proposals, wedding days, and anniversaries. The variety of designs of band rings makes it’s always a perfect gift idea for your beloved people. Today jewelry rings can be worn on numerous occasions, because of the diverse number of styles available. Basically, whatever style of rings you prefer to wear today, you’re able to make your look as stylish and trendy as never before.

What are the most stylish types of band rings?

At present, band rings are created to satisfy the current fashionable women’s needs. Not only do bands differ in width, finish, and the shape of the inner side, but many dramatic styles are presented these days as well. You can now find a variety of different band styles made of silver, gold or rose gold, palladium, and titanium, with unique vintage, or contemporary designs.

While searching for a ring you will definitely see lots of breathtakingly designed rings with precious gemstones, sparkling crystals, birthstones, and many more. Classic, simple-designed bands made of high-quality hallmarked 925 sterling silver do attract attention not less than any other ring, and you’re always free to choose the favorite metals of yours to get it easily combined with the other options.

Solitaire ring

The solitaire band has gained its popularity with such big fine jewelry brands as Tiffany & Co Jewelry house and is considered to be one of the most popular band designs around the world. It is designed as a simple band base with a single accented diamond or gemstone. Usually, it features a great design for the birthstone bands – the rings that feature the semi-precious gemstones associated with a certain month of a person’s birth, thus making jewelry more meaningful and personalized for its owner.

Solitaire Ring

Cluster ring

A cluster band is a ring that contains multiple stones of various sizes, that are fashioned together in one setting, or else a central gemstone with plenty of other stones accomplishing it. As a rule, they are designed to make a major accent on your hands and are usually worn alone. Being combined with classic clothing, like a black dress, a cluster ring can easily help you stand out of the crowd while emphasizing the beauty of its owner.

Cluster Ring

Plain band

Compared to those sporting big gemstones of various colors, the plain silver rings are more versatile and could match most of your outfits. As those oversized and uniquely shaped silver rings are highly fashionable, the plain bands are simple and classic. These bands are mostly famous for being an all-time favorite choice for a wedding ring, but you can wear them every day and for any occasion. There are sterling silver bands that have engravings of meaningful symbols and words. They can be polished, soldered, antiqued, or finished in some other unique way. Sterling silver bands are great for everyday wearing and allow choosing a truly personal piece of jewelry.

Another great thing about plain band rings is that when there are no gemstones or any different decoration then it band can be easily resized. Add that to their possibility to accompany other ring styles when stacked and you have yourself a nice gift idea.

Plain Bands

Eternity band

Unlike the other jewelry options, the eternity band is a ring with lots of diamonds designed into the band surface all the way around to represent eternal love. Similar to wedding and anniversary rings, this category mostly features round diamonds or gemstones, but there are also designs with other cuts and stones too. These rings are traditionally gifted on special occasions such as Valentine’s day, couple’s anniversary, and many other celebrations.

Eternity Band

Braided band

In case you or the person you want to make a gift to is not a big fan of gemstones and diamonds and prefers more simple, minimalistic ring designs, the braided band can be a thing. It’s not that simple as plain bands, but instead features a wide range of designs you can easily choose from. Moreover, since this type of ring doesn’t include gemstones, the major accent is made on its shape, width, and the material it was made with. Because of the unique design of each braided ring, it will surely stand out from many other kinds of jewelry, can be worn alone, or else easily combined with other rings you have.

Braided Band

Cocktail ring

Are you planning to participate in a celebration event? Then, the cocktail ring will surely come in handy to enhance your dress code and make you look gorgeous on any occasion: New Year’s Eve, Christmas celebrations, theatre visits, and many more. Being also known as a cluster ring or dinner ring, this dramatic band has not been losing its popularity since its origination in the 1930s.

Cocktail Ring

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are different band rings you can choose from today, from anniversary, wedding, and engagement to vintage, cocktail, and plain bands, that will never be out of fashion. Moreover, many band rings allow stacking which brings additional design choices to your arsenal of beautiful jewelry use. You get an opportunity to combine rings and to customize the look with just several rings at your disposal. Those rings will as well complement the other bands of different types and styles, enabling you to create a unique jewelry combination that can be easily changed anytime to always ideally fit your look.
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