Men's Jewelry Top Trends In Fashion

Current fashion trends are such that stylish and confident men can start to wear jewelry more often just like women have always done. Men's jewelry can symbolize your unique and creative personality, financial or social status, or just add spiciness to your outfit.

Why should men wear jewelry?

There is a number of reasons for men to implement jewelry into their everyday wear. First, designer jewelry will certainly help to impress business partners. A person with a sophisticated taste in clothes and jewelry always knows how to run things in life. If you want to make a good impression at work, some discreet but trendy pieces of jewelry matched well with formal attire will do the trick.

asap rocky wearing jewelry

Secondly, a guy wearing jewelry always stands out. Accessories and decorative items help a lot when it comes to attracting others' attention and showcasing your creative and bold nature. If you're an extravagant person with numerous ambitions, don't hide it.

Two types of men's jewelry

The most popular men's jewelry is sterling silver bracelets, finger-rings, French-cuffs, and tie pins. These accessories help men to look trendy and elegant.

Massive men's jewelry

There is a subcategory of jewelry for males that adds masculinity to the look. Such pieces of silver jewelry vary from women's jewelry to a great extent. The rings for men are much heavier, low-key, and massive; bracelets are neat; pendant is not just a trifle, but a trophy of its owner. All men's silver jewelry can be worn with a business suit.

mens silver rings with formal suit

If a man wants to look reckless and fearless, the best designs here would include pirate’s jewelry (skulls, skeletons, crossed bones) and eastern symbols (Chinese characters, yin yang symbols), as well as Celtic motives (Celtic ornaments and cross-shaped pendants). It could also be a religious item such as a cross or a crescent moon; military symbols or symbols of strength expressed in the animal theme will also make a viable solution.

In gemstone jewelry for men, the silversmiths use so-called men’s gems – black agate, chrysoprase, carnelian, or even diamonds. Men's jewelry will accentuate the elegance of his style and make him look top-class.

Gender-neutral men's jewelry

Although the stereotypes are still circulating around men's jewelry saying that it should always be masculine and look rough, a handful of modern celebrities will disagree. In fact, every person has a feminine side, and jewelry makes a top-notch tool for men to express it.

timothee chalamet wearing jewelry

Therefore, men's sterling silver jewelry can also boast sleek surface, some extra decorative details like crystals, beautiful engravings with curves, have a thin and petite chain as the basis, and possess many other features that are mostly considered feminine. Apparently, most jewelry pieces are unisex and will look brilliant on a person of any gender.

Top trends in men's jewelry

While men's bracelets are getting back into fashion, we would like to name the most up-to-date and trendy styles in the world of male jewelry. Perhaps, some of these adornments will become your favorite jewelry soon!

Beaded men's bracelets

Looking at the current street style scene, it is safe to say that one type of wrist accessories for men is way ahead of the others in terms of popularity. Beaded bracelets for men are as in-demand as never before. Beads used in men's bracelets range from plastic to natural wooden ones with varying sizes and colors of the beads providing an opportunity for extra personalization. Beaded bracelets are versatile and easily adapted to any of your looks.

mens beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are great for making the best use of your outfit colors. They could be adding the never expected bold color to the neutral outfit while they could also become a link between the parts of your attire. The color palette might be masterfully tied together if you pick some colors that match your look.

You may also want to add some texture by the quality handcrafted wooden bracelet to your light grey blazer, even better if it matches the color of your shoes. Lots of layered designs become available with numerous beaded bracelet offerings.

Men's leather bracelets

Speaking of textured looks, we are about to name the next top trend style of men bracelets. Leather bracelets are widely worn by men today. It is a really understandable trend because many male owners of this kind of bracelet have never worn any accessories except for watches whose wristbands often have quite similar looks to the jewelry we are talking about. That makes leather bracelets the most common choice for the first piece of jewelry.

man with leather bracelet

Another great feature of leather bracelets is their versatility. A high-quality leather bracelet in the same color palette as your outfit can be totally fitting a formal attire while being an expression of freedom and somewhat rebellious nature of the wearer. Leather bracelets look great with both a tailored suit and a plain single color t-shirt while adding different touches to the complimented wear.

Bracelet stacking

Another trend worth mention is stacking – wearing several bracelets on one wrist at once, yet keeping the stylish, not overweighed look. Try stacking different types of bracelets or add just a single one to your watch and get a brand new look.

mens bracelet stacking

Making a complete look with the help of jewelry is simple; and if your aim is to stand out from the crowd, men's rings, bracelets, and pendants will surely help you here. Don't hesitate and try out fashion trends in men's jewelry in your own style. You will see it's worth it!



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