Top Anklets Trends for 2021

Weather forecasters predict a hot summer in 2021, so anklets should be your must-have accessory this summer. These flirty accessories turn a casual outfit into a new and trendy one. Although it is an extraordinary way to wear bracelets, everyone who wants to stand out among others will choose anklets. Wearing such a type of jewelry will attract everyone who sees it. Moreover, depending on the kind of outfit you want to put on, they play different functions: expressing sexy nature, showing the wearer's secret character, demonstrating that you feel like being an empress, etc. If you want to keep track of the latest anklets trends, read this article and discover the most popular types of anklets and the ideas of wearing them.

What is an Anklet bracelet?

Also known as hotwife bracelets, anklets are an exceptional type of bracelets designed for wearing on your ankle. They have centuries of history. First anklets in the Eastern culture appeared in ancient times, in Sumerian tombs 4,500 years old. That is to say, different civilizations had different beliefs about wearing anklets. In ancient India, married women used to wear anklets with charms. This way men could hear them coming and they stopped talking about rude things. Ancient Egyptians used to express their status by wearing such types of jewelry. Those who wore bracelets made of gold with precious stones were wealthy, and those who wore leather anklets were slaves. Except for showing the wearer's status, the ankle bracelets played the role of amulets and protectors because they were close to the ground. Putting the bracelet on a left ankle means you are married or you have a lover and putting it on a right ankle means you are single and ready to mingle. Anklets are especially suitable for wearing on the beach, on a meeting with friends, at a party, and wherever you wish. See which types of anklets are the most liked by women.

Types of Anklet bracelet

The number of anklet bracelet types is immense, so we will cover only the most popular ones of them.

Golden Anklets

By putting a golden anklet on your ankle you will show your sophisticated and exquisite taste. They fit especially great gemstones and precious stones. As a rule, golden anklets are formed in one or two chains stacked one on another.

golden anklets

Sterling Silver Anklets

This type is more casual than a golden one. Sterling Silver anklets would be the best match if worn with a pair of sandals. They look gorgeous with classic outfits.

sterling silver anklets

Barefoot Anklets

Such unusual bracelets cover your foot from the ankle stretching to the toe. It looks like a sandal without a sole. They are suitable for combining them with beach outfits.

barefoot anklets

Beaded Anklets

This type of bracelet is accompanied by beads. Beaded anklets are very uncommon and radiant bracelets.

beaded anklets

Trends in Anklets for 2021

Since there are various types of ankle bracelets, you need to know how to combine them with different outfits. We are ready to share with you the newest ideas of how to wear anklets and stay trendy.

Show your inner child

As one of the most fashionable trends, colorful beaded anklets express your inner child. Maybe even two years ago it would be strange, but today it is the latest novelty in anklet trends.

anklet trend #1

Mix Anklets with the summer set

Needless to say, anklets perfectly fit beach outfits. They can be beaded with shells that give a special sea atmosphere to the bracelet. You can also match your earrings to an anklet and tie a scarf over your head.

anklet trend #2

Combine sleek sandals and Anklets

In the world of fashion, wearing an almost bare sandal is the best solution for summer outfits. However, it wouldn't look so stunning, if not worn with anklets. Celebrities especially like this minimalistic style!

anklet trend #3

Put on the loafers and Anklets together

If you wonder how loafers can fit anklets, you just never saw them combined. It looks very exquisite when mixed in one outfit together.

anklet trend #4

Match Anklets with sneakers

Sneakers supplemented with anklets created an outstanding casual look. They can be worn over the socks or the barefoot. Nevertheless, you will not only look different, but you will also feel different!

anklet trend #5


Ankle bracelets have beautified women's ankles since ancient times. And until now they are more real than ever. Anklets are available in different types and designs. Depending on which purpose you follow, you are free to combine them with other elements of shoes or clothes to stand out from others.



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