Beach Bracelets: Your Essential Summer Accessory

Summertime is always associated with colorful and shining views. Visualize a common summer vibe: you are getting ready for a pleasant break in your luxurious hotel. You have selected exquisite outfits with your swimsuit for sunbathing, gorgeous dress for evening romantic strolls, beach bags for every single day but the picture is somehow not completed. You forgot about summer accessories! While beach fashion is so diverse, accordingly, the accessories have many categories. In this piece of writing, we will dive into beach bracelets' features, their types, peculiarities of caring, and tips for wearing. Be fashionable at any time of the year with us!

What is a Beach bracelet?

A beach bracelet - is a piece of jewelry people use while dressing in beach outfits. There is no specific company that produces only beach bracelets but you can find them almost in every well-known jewelry store. The idea of such types of bracelets is to give the owner feelings of weightlessness and lightness. Here you will not discover massive design, or pompous forms, or even precious stones: beach bracelets symbolize the calmness of water and the warmth of the sand. In addition to the fact that these accessories hide a part of summer memories, they can also perform a charitable function. Known as 4ocean bracelets, the wristbands carry a noble mission in their purchasing. At the time you buy such a bracelet, you automatically become an ocean pollution fighter as your money is donated to cleaning this great part of our Earth. Coupled with 4ocean bracelets, you will be interested in dorsal bracelets, which serve the same purpose. Dorsal ocean animal collection may be considered a beach bracelet as well. When it comes to types distinguishing, there are no strict rules you should obey wearing beach bracelets. They are suitable for men, women, and children with no specific form and ability to place it both on hand and ankle. Let's consider in detail their diversity!

Beach Bracelets types

There is one more appealing fact about beach bracelets: you can easily do it by yourself. See more ideas beneath to get ready for soaking up the sun with cost-free beach bracelets.

Braided Beach bracelets

These bracelets are the perfect accessory in a very weightless form for you to enjoy the moments at the waterfront. Easy in their execution, braided bracelets can be performed by beginners as well. Here you will need hemp, focal bead, and scissors. Braided beach bracelets are also suitable as ankle bracelets as their design is easily removable.

braided beach bracelets

Crochet Beach bracelets

The trend for crochet bracelets is timeless and whether it relates to beach motives, the appropriate beads are used. Your tasteful ideas will be satisfied with the variety of beachy beads: shells, little turtles, starfish, miniature dolphins, and more ocean creatures will suit your stylish accessory. Be ready with crochet thread, a large-eyed sewing needle, beads, and a crochet hook to create your bracelet.

crochet beach bracelets

Knotted Beach bracelets

What could be better than doing a fashionable beach accessory within 10 minutes? With a knotted beach bracelet it is quite possible. This type of bracelet is a variation of a popular style existing right now. The idea of the knotted bracelet is developed around some strands bonded together with added beads.

Beaded hemp wrap Beach bracelets

This example of summer accessories is gorgeous and chic. It should be a perfect complement for evening walks and romantic dinners under the sound of the waves. Wrap beach bracelets consist of some chords of strands and that is the reason why they look heavy. Again with putting in various beads a unique bracelet appears.

beaded hemp wrap beach bracelets

Multi-stranded Beach bracelets

The Multi-Stranded model of bracelets is distinctive for its variety of styles connected. Just choose some strands, fill them with your favorite beads and charms, bond them so they look all-in-one, and enjoy your accessory.

multi-stranded beach bracelets

Seaside glass Beach bracelets

Don't hesitate to add seaside glass beads to your bracelet. Such beach accessories may be a good replacement for jewels with gemstones as it is more practical and safe to wear seaside glass. Just imagine how stunningly this bracelet will shimmer from the rays of the sun on your hand!

seaside glass beach bracelets

White pearls Beach bracelets

Tenderness, elegance, and sophisticated nature - this is all about white pearls beach bracelets. Besides, white pearls embody a vision of shimmering sand! Use pearls, metallic tubes, and a cord to make a DIY beach accessory. This type of bracelet will be very appropriate for those who are fond of exquisite accompaniments.

white pearls beach bracelets

How to care about Beach bracelets

Before wearing a beach accessory, you need to be aware of the challenges you might meet while enjoying your summer break. Remember about the sand as it can scratch your piece of jewelry imperceptibly. Salty water is useful for skin but not for your accessory. You would better remove it before taking a swim. There is another type of risk the water may bring you: a jewelry loss. Make sure that your bracelet is not made of metal or stones which can't withstand sun exposure and sunscreen. Consider examples of bracelets that do not follow with gemstones and precious charms as the risky weather factors and the possibility of loss are still relevant. Thus you need to know which type of metal is suitable for sunbathing and swimming. Pewter, sterling silver, and copper may tarnish from contact with salty water. Instead gold and platinum are tarnish-resistant.

Beach bracelets special features

We find it unique to say that beach bracelets can be made at home. Thus you will not have to waste additional means and time on better accessories. These bracelets are weightless and easy to remove which makes them perfectly acceptable for carrying on the beach. Thanks to different beach bracelet types you may single out your perfect match and create an outstanding beach outfit.


Beach bracelets are the best option to complete your harmonious summer clothes. Whether you choose white pearls, or seaside glass, or a regular braided bracelet, you will be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.



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