Pearl Bracelets Trends of 2022

Even though more than one century has passed since the creation of this jewelry, pearl products are very popular and desirable. Mankind has long paid attention to these round shiny balls that form inside the sea and river mollusks. According to legend, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was very fond of wearing pearl jewelry, in particular, she owned earrings with the largest pearls that existed at that time. Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, pearl jewelry has not lost its popularity at all. On the contrary, pearls are used in many pieces of jewelry, in particular, bracelets are one such piece of jewelry. But buying such a bracelet is not all. Expensive jewelry must be worn correctly and combined with your style. If you want to learn it then this article will be very helpful for you.

Unique properties of pearl bracelets

Despite the fact that in the modern world, pearl products are valued for their beauty and high cost, pearls, in addition to their beautiful appearance, have always been valued for their many unique and even mystical properties. Among them we can name: prolonging life, increasing wealth, and even curing diseases. You can believe it or not, but it's not for nothing that this charming piece of jewelry has been so valuable throughout the ages, and now you will find out why.

Pearl bracelets promote longevity

These days, such a phrase can really sound very strange. After all, living in such a technological and understandable world for us, people stop believing in miracles and trust facts more and more. Nevertheless, even in ancient times, it was believed that pearl products, and especially bracelets, could prolong life. They were even recommended for older people to wear.

Pearls increase wealth

Since ancient times, it was believed that pearls are very energetically strong. Therefore, for example, in ancient India, they were worn by everyone who wanted to get rich. True, there was one small nuance, which was that this jewelry was forbidden to be worn by greedy or evil people since it was believed that the magical power of the stone could feel the bad energy of a person.

Pearl bracelets can help with skin conditions

Possessing a special chemical composition, pearls are not only absolutely safe for the skin but are also an excellent helper for various skin diseases. I would like to clarify what is meant by pearls that were not synthesized by man, but formed in natural conditions. Pearls are known for being able to help with several skin ailments when worn regularly, ranging from common skin blemishes to clearing up acne. Naturally, pearls cannot replace medical treatment but are very often used to eliminate side effects after an illness.

Top pearl bracelets trends in 2022

Pearl bracelets remain one of the most classic pieces of jewelry today. But this does not mean that you should wear such a product only for official events. Such a bracelet can and should be an attribute of your everyday style. There are many life hacks and trends that will help you successfully and stylishly combine this sophisticated jewelry with your most diverse looks. Our tips will help you combine your look with the help of such a bracelet so that it can diversify and complement your outfit.

Combine your look with other pearl jewelry

If, in addition to the bracelet, you have other jewelry with pearls, you can combine them. Moreover, if you put on a choker or earrings with inserts in the form of pearls, your image will not only improve from such an addition. You will definitely notice that your outfit looks more finished and complete. Of course, you should not overdo it, because if you wear several bracelets and necklaces at once, you will not become more stylish.

Combine your look with other pearl jewelry

Wear with casual clothing

If you think that pearls can only be worn at official parties, you are very much mistaken. Nowadays, it has become very fashionable to combine such a classic accessory as a pearl bracelet in more casual looks. And I would like to note that this trend of using a bracelet in everyday looks was a great decision since it is a great combination of classic and casual. So if you previously only wore your favorite bracelet in combination with an evening dress, it's time to change that and add some pearls to your everyday life.

Wear with casual clothing

Buy baroque pearl bracelets

If you are tired of classic bracelets made of white and round pearls, it doesn’t matter, because you can replace them with unusual black bracelets in which your usual white pearls have been replaced with darker or even multi-colored artificial pearls. This trend appeared quite recently but has already become quite popular and you can successfully combine this accessory with any of your other jewelry. And of course, the price of such jewelry will be several times cheaper than usual pearl bracelets.

Buy baroque pearl bracelets

Combine your pearl bracelet with gold

Yes, pearls and gold in combination look luxurious and there is no denying it. If you are in doubt about whether to combine two of these luxurious accessories, then do not worry, they will perfectly complement each other. Now we can observe a trend in which pearls can and should be combined with gold earrings, rings, and even gold bracelets. By the way, no one forbids you to buy a pearl bracelet with gold elements. By buying such a piece of jewelry, you get for yourself the perfect accessory that will match any of your outfits. Starting to combine gold with pearls, you will see how many enthusiastic looks will appear in your fashion life.

Combine your pearl bracelet with gold

Use classic colors

Despite the fact that fashion is changing rapidly, the classics have not disappeared anywhere. Believe that black and white is what you need if, for example, you are going to a business or work meeting. A classic black or white dress is perfect for your pearl bracelet. But you should not limit yourself to dresses, you can experiment and add your pearl jewelry as an accessory to meetings in a business suit.

Use classic colors

Use different colors

In the previous paragraph, you learned that pearls are ideally combined with classic colors, but this does not mean at all that you are forbidden to wear pearl jewelry with bright colors. It would be wrong to say that pearls are incompatible with bright colors. You can see this for yourself when you wear your bracelet to a hot Hawaiian-style summer party and be surprised how elegant and at the same time natural your jewelry will look on your hand, even with the most extraordinary of your outlooks.

Use different colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment

As you already understood, there are a large number of trends in wearing pearl bracelets and pearl jewelry in general. And none of the trends would exist now if fashion did not experiment with wearing this elegant jewelry. Therefore, you should not be afraid of experiments. Combine your jewelry with a variety of looks, and you will realize that you yourself can create your own fashion because you know what suits you best and you listen to yourself. You will be surprised how your style will change!

Dont be afraid to experiment

Last words about pearl bracelets trends

Pearls are one of the most ancient jewelry and, as you already understood, despite this, it absolutely does not lose relevance in modern fashion trends. With this jewelry, you can create incredibly beautiful and unforgettable outlooks. That's why pearl bracelets are a fashion accessory that every woman should have. 



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