Bring More Positivity To Your Life With Rastaclat Bracelets

Undoubtedly everyone experiences such moments when life seems overwhelming and nothing brings real pleasure. This is the right time to call your nearest and dearest and receive support. But what if you do not have such a chance or you need to get yourself organized within seconds? This is the right time to think of a positive reminder like a rastaclat bracelet. Created with a special inspirational purpose, this accessory is a symbol of positivity and inspiration. Rastaclat bracelets jewelers believe that positive doings change a human's life so they share this idea with everyone by selling their exceptional wristbands. This type of jewelry looks rather common, but its special mission stands out from other brands.

What is a Rastaclat bracelet?

If you look for an unusual amulet of power and positive thinking, then you chose the right article to read as rastaclat bracelets are perfectly suited to these requirements. They are made of woven fibers with some non-precious, semi-precious, or precious stones in the center.

The origins of making such bracelets come from a Rastafarian culture where people made amulets to increase their power. Since the sacred phenomenon turned to aggressive marketing mainstream, the bracelets became available for everyone eager to buy them. Rastafarians used to wear rastaclat bracelets on the right hand to draw wealth and health, and on the left hand to draw away negative thoughts and misfortune. But wearing it on both hands simultaneously could bring confusion and turmoil to the owner. When the fashion of making rastaclat bracelets turned to worldwide mainstream former skateboarder Daniel Kasidi introduced his simple bracelet. It was called the "Rastaclat bracelet" and meant the cloth of a righteous man or woman.

The accessories became viral among students in schools as their uniqueness was eye-catching. The Rastaclat brand was officially founded in October 2010 and became popular in a year of improvement. Their bracelets not only played the role of fashionable accessories but spread positive ideas through many communities.

With the rise of popularity, Kasidi defined the main purpose of his invention: "it is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others". Available for men and women, rastaclat bracelets are presented in many colors and styles having a price from $10 to $21. This brand encourages its clients with positive rewards. Every time you shop, you can earn points and get a gift for your activities. For example, you get 25 points for creating an account, 100 as a birthday reward, 15 points for writing a product review, 5 points for reading their blog, 15 points for following on Facebook, and 15 points for following on Instagram. You can exchange every 100 points for $10 as an exclusive reward. Rastaclat brand spreads sharing only positive vibrations and its bracelets help people stay strong and fearless.

Rastaclat bracelets types

While visiting the Rastaclat website you will find two sections of bracelets divided for men and women. The jewelers define special "Seek the positive" bracelets, new arrivals, best sellers, boxed exclusives, and solids for both sexes. Then the diversity goes further and all the bracelets are categorized by outstanding collections which we will describe beneath.

Gradclat Rastaclat bracelets

This is the newest collection of bracelets, invented in 2021. Gradclat bracelets are made of black rope and golden enamel in a knotted style. Presented in exclusive collector's boxes, they can suit every gift purpose.

gradclat rastaclat bracelets

Tough luck Rastaclat bracelets

Being inspired by the 90s, the Tough Luck collection brings a powerful energy flow and lucky vibes. The bracelets are very bright and colorful with funny and fresh beads in the center.

tough luck rastaclat bracelets

Clats and kicks Rastaclat bracelets

These are very elegant bracelets with a knitted wave pattern in black, blue, brown, pink, yellow, tan, and grey color with rubberized design. Clats&Kicks Rastaclat bracelets will perfectly suit any official outfit even though they are colorful.

clats and kicks rastaclat bracelets

Jungle panther Rastaclat bracelets

What an extraordinary name! As the panther animal symbolizes a wise and powerful manner, the bracelets are designed to prove it. As the jewelers define it as "designed in jacquarded floral" bracelets, you have no chance to remain unnoticed with this accessory. A tasteful combination of colors and extravagant design will not leave anyone indifferent.

jungle panther rastaclat bracelets

Keep a breast Rastaclat bacelets

The bracelets of this collection are a part of the Keep A Breast foundation. They highlight the mission of keeping young people provided with healthy breasts. A wearer of Keep A Breast bracelets shows support to those who are endangered by breast diseases. Some of the portions of the revenue go for donating to the Keep A Breast foundation.

keep a breast rastaclat bracelets

Positive vibes Rastaclat bracelets

Everyone who knows the Rastaclat brand will recognize the Positive Vibes collection among others. These are very popular bracelets with the inscription: "Positive vibes" on the rope. They are also inspirational accessories for those who put it on the wrist and keep looking at it during the day.

positive vibes rastaclat bracelets

Zodiac Rastaclat bracelets

Many of us draw strength from our zodiac signs so it will be very appropriate to stay in close relation with it every day. Besides Zodiac Rastaclat bracelets' vivid design, they sell the jewelry in colored boxes to give a total esthetic pleasure for the clients.

zodiac rastaclat bracelets

Pride Rastaclat bracelets

Very unusual in their design, these bracelets are half rainbow and half white. Pride bracelets are unisex bracelets that symbolize support to all gender roles and their rights.

pride rastaclat bracelets

How to care for Rastaclat bracelets

Rastaclat bracelets are 100% polyester that allows us to get them wet for cleaning. Using a toothbrush will cleanse the lace, and a mixture of unscented soap and water will work as a cleaning solvent. The procedure of bracelet cleaning is the following: after you brushed it, rinse it with water. Get rid of extra water with a dry towel immediately. To prevent the bracelet from collecting dust and dirt, air dry the accessory before wearing it. If you prefer to machine wash your jewelry, put it in a polyester mesh laundry bag to prevent damage.


As you may notice, Rastaclat bracelets have similar forms but different purposes and features regarding collection types. They are bright and unique so everyone can find their perfect bracelet to stay positive and confident.



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