Build Your Fabulous Stack With David Yurman Bracelets

The David Yurman bracelet is a particular type of jewelry characterized by a unique cable motif that became the company's signature piece. Davis and Sybil Yurman founded their jewelry company in 1990, the year after they married. Talented artists were the professionals in artisanal jewelry and true love between them and the things they made, helping their business thrive. The David Yurman bracelets attract men as well as women; moreover, the jewelry company's significant collections can satisfy every person's needs. You can find sterling silver, gold, rose gold, white gold, copper, and mixed metals bracelets. There are also plenty of fantastic bracelet collections, such as Renaissance, Solari, Chain, and the most well-known cable collection. You'll definitely fall in love with a David Yurman bracelet that can form extremely incredible stacks and fit any look and be suitable for any event.

Read the article to learn more about David Yurman bracelets and why are they so popular:

What is a David Yurman bracelet?

Created in 1983, the classic David Yurman bracelet is a combination of a twisted helix with gemstones on its end caps. Since that time and for now, people around the world imagine these reserved silver cable bracelets when they hear the name of David Yurman. He and his wife made colossal efforts to build a world-famous jewelry empire that is instantly recognized by a cable bracelet -- their signature form. There are many other fabulous bracelet types except cable one, and in this article, you will discover all of them.

Who is David Yurman?

American jewelry maker and sculptor, David Yurman pioneered an innovative process of bracelet creation that is famous for its cable motif. He called this design "Renaissance," which has become one of his most enduring collections which you can buy due today. However, David Yurman's recognized not only thanks to his cable designs but also the collections of mixed metals: sterling silver and gold. By the way, he was the first to adorn silver jewelry with diamonds that made them everyday luxury. So you can see that this prominent jeweler helped the accessory industry evolve and thrive.

David Yurman bracelet type

You may think that there are only cable David Yurman bracelets, but in many cases, it's just a thread that connects all his collections. Women admire these bracelets and males can find any bracelet type made of non-traditional materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, and even meteorite. Let's see what are the types of bracelets that will build your perfect stack.

David Yurman cable bracelet

This design made Yurman's jewelry popular around the world, and it is still one of the most beloved accessories among stars. The 30th anniversary of his cable collection was celebrated by a limited collection of different bracelets including Renaissance bracelets and accessories with cognac diamonds.

david yurman cable bracelets

David Yurman chain bracelet

You can refresh this reserved and elegantly modest chain bracelet by adding different high-quality charms or beads to it. The bracelet stack will have a completely new look when adorned with colorful elements. Do not hesitate to be creative and find your inspiration while reading which of them: charm beads or simple charms are better for you.

david yurman chain bracelets

David Yurman charm bracelet

You do not have to choose a decoration element in the case of charm bracelets, as they are already attached to them. Nevertheless, the variety of already made charm bracelets is so impressive that you'll definitely find the one that perfectly fits you.

david yurman charm bracelets

David Yurman elements bracelet

It resembles a Shamballa bracelet that every person can afford, but a David Yurman bracelet element is lush jewelry suitable for those who appreciate high-quality things. At first sight simple and obscure, it will not leave you cold if you masterly complement your outfit with this great accessory.

david yurman elements bracelets

David Yurman sterling silver bracelet 

These silver accessories are notable for an exceptional cable design that makes them so gorgeous. Discover the variety of silver bracelets for yourself and build impressive bracelet stacks to make people turn their heads and admire your lovely combinations.

david yurman sterling silver bracelets

David Yurman gemstone bracelet

The variety of gemstones on the ends of the bracelet will make it difficult to choose the most beautiful for you quickly. There are purple, white, black, green, pink gems` colors and various precious and semi-precious stones. In case you cannot make a choice address the gemstone that corresponds to your star sign. Here is a short guide for you:

  • Aquarius - Amethyst
  • Pisces - Turquoise
  • Aries - Diamond
  • Taurus - Emerald
  • Gemini - Aquamarine
  • Cancer - Ruby
  • Leo - Onyx
  • Virgo - Blue Sapphire
  • Libra - Lapis Lazuli
  • Scorpio - Agate
  • Sagittarius - Blue Topaz
  • Capricorn - Garnet

david yurman gemstone bracelets

David Yurman gold bracelet

A gold bracelet is a sign of wealth, especially when there are encrusted diamonds. This luxurious bracelet may be suitable only for special occasions in your life or a luxurious gift for a special person.

david yurman gold bracelets

How to build your perfect stack

There are many bracelet types used for stacking, but David Yurman accessories are the best to create an amazing look. These bracelets especially charming when you put them above your watch on the wrist. It`d be also great to wear several identical David Yurman bracelets of small size and simple design. Many celebrities prefer to combine it with sterling silver bangles or chain bracelets. The main advice for perfect stacking:
Black and gold are always a win-win combination.
Add a little color to your silver accessories.
Do not be afraid to experiment with textures and tones.

Best David Yurman bracelets alternatives

If you already own a couple of beautiful David Yurman bracelets and want to add some other high-end bracelets to your collection, you can consider the following jewelry brands:

  • Kay jewel empire offers a variety of diamond bracelets that would last for a long time and could be nicely styled together with David Yurman bracelets
  • Zales diamond store presents many stylish gold bracelets that are a decent alternative to David Yurman bracelets. It’s important to note that if an owner of a Zales bracelet loses a diamond from the jewelry, the brand would replace it any time completely for free.
  • Tiffany & Co has a number of beautiful silver chain and bangle bracelets that you can consider in case you are looking for something more renowned and feminine.
  • CartierCartier has the biggest selection of luxurious bangle bracelets that every fashion-lover should own. So if you already have a David Yurman bracelet and seek something more exclusive, Cartier bracelets should be your choice.


David Yurman is the founding father of a unique bracelet design that makes him recognizable worldwide. Choose your David Yurman bracelet: cord, chain, cuff, bangle, pure or decorated -- it doesn't matter, as they are all amazing! Your unique stack consisting of a fabulous bracelet will make you feel the star and your life will no longer be the same.



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