Diamond Bracelets: Your Time To Shine

Pure carbon may have such a stunning look that conquers people’s hearts, serves as an heirloom, and is the subject of wars. There’s no wonder because it takes natural diamonds from 1 to 3 billion years to form in the Earth's mantle. Their rarity and extreme attractiveness resulted in so much attention from people throughout history. Despite being a famous jewelry piece, diamonds are known for their hardness and are used for industrial purposes. Discover the multifaceted Diamond bracelets and find your excellent accessory.

What is a Diamond bracelet?

A diamond bracelet is a luxury piece of jewelry that is an excellent adornment for special life events. People choose diamond accessories for appearing on the red carpet, weddings, or going out to posh restaurants. Men usually give their significant others these precious jewelry pieces on special occasions in order to mark that remarkable day in their lives. Diamond bracelets gained their popularity a long time ago and were an integral part of a royal or nobility outfits. They served as a fabulous decoration for ladies, and it’s a rarity to find men's Diamond bracelets. Times change, but people still amaze these chick gemstones.

Diamond Bracelet types

In order to better reveal the nature of wonderful bracelets made of diamonds, we suggest you explore their brief classification. Let’s find which of them is created especially for you!

Tennis Diamond bracelets

This accessory is made of one or several rows of diamonds and is so comfortable to use that a tennis player Chris Evert wore it during one of her games. Unfortunately, she lost the bracelet while playing, so the game was stopped for its searching. Thanks to this event, this type of diamond bracelet obtained its appealing name. As a rule, a tennis bracelet contains white gold or platinum setting and round, colorless diamonds, but now you can find the rose and yellow gold bracelets.

tennis diamond bracelet

White gold Diamond bracelets

White gold provides an accessory with charm and elegance, especially if it is combined with diamonds. Put on a Diamond bracelet made of white gold at a wedding, and you’ll have a stunning look, never mind if you aren't the bride.

white gold diamond bracelet

Mother & daughter Diamond bracelets

Family is the most crucial thing in our lives, and we should appreciate our parents and children in any possible way. Diamond bracelets are fantastic means of sharing love with each other and have a symbol of a strong mother and daughter connection. Check out more interesting facts about mother & daughter bracelets in the article.

mother and daughter diamond bracelet

Bangle Diamond bracelets

Bangles create a perfect look that requires any complementations. Gold that is decorated with fabulous diamonds can leave anyone cold and capture a person's attention and thoughts. Find your bangle Diamond bracelets to impress others on special occasions.

bangle diamond bracelet

Tiffany Diamond bracelets

We have a whole article dedicated to exquisite Tiffany bracelets, where you can explore the features of these delicate accessories. Diamonds complementing Tiffany bracelets create the wow effect and are pertinent to the cream of society female representatives. Stand out with this blinding diamond shine.

tiffany diamond bracelet

Types of diamonds

These precious stones are fantastic, and people are used to defining their divergent features, considering the color, cut, clarity, and carat of a diamond. There are natural and non-natural, colored and colorless diamonds. But their classification is grounded not only on physical and chemical properties but also atomic makeup that results in Type I and Types II diamonds. The interesting fact is that only 20% of all diamonds are used as gemstones for jewelry making. They are the most widespread in such countries as India, Ghana, Namibia, Angola, and Botswana. Here is a list of existing diamond types:

White diamonds

Dense clouds of fine, reflective inclusions cause the existence of white diamonds in nature. When the numerous inclusions interfere with the passage of light, they produce a translucent or opalescent appearance of the diamond. White diamonds are perfect for gifts and especially for such special events as weddings and engagements. This type can be found in different world parts having various shapes and sizes.

Blue diamonds

The blue diamond is an expensive rare gemstone that is formed at extreme depths. A little boron atom combined with a million carbon atoms can produce amazing blue color. In recent years, people started to develop blue fancy diamonds. You can choose a shade of blue you like the most, ranging from sky blue to sapphire.

Pink champagne diamonds

These attractive diamonds have a pink tint that makes them extremely exquisite. The pink color is created when the Earth forces make glide planes of carbon atom displace within the diamond crystal.

Yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds are one of the most widespread gems and are sometimes called canary diamonds. The rich variety of yellow diamond shades allows you to choose from rich canary colors to light yellow. Consider that the saturation of yellow defines its expensiveness.

Orange diamonds

Orange diamonds are difficult to find in nature and their color is caused by some defects. These defects make diamonds selectively absorb blue light and transmit orange. The diamonds of orange color represent creativity and success. People are free to opt from a variety of shades, ranging from fancy to vivid orange diamonds.

Purple diamonds

Purple natural diamonds impress people with the magnificence of color and shades. Most Purple diamonds come from mines in Australia. Purple signifies belonging to aristocracy and gives the feeling of belonging to the royalty.

Green diamonds

The natural green diamond comes from India and has a quite surprising way of creation. It appears when radioactive particles penetrate the diamond, but it’s safe for your health. Green diamonds are perfect complementation for evening gowns in the warm time of the year.

Synthetic diamonds

These man-made stones are created in a laboratory and are not as expensive as natural gemstones. However, their price is not affordable to the average person, and only specialists can say whether a diamond is natural or synthetic.

types of diamonds


Diamonds have always been honored by people and considered the most beautiful gems of all time. A bracelet made of any diamond-type brings its owner recognition but the most important - self-worth and love.



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