Cleaning Alex And Ani Bracelets With Little Effort

Surely, many of our readers have heard of Alex and Ani bracelets, and some of you may also own one. When a person wears a piece of jewelry regularly, it starts to tarnish and lose its initial attractiveness. To avoid that, let us share some easy ways to clean Alex and Ani bracelets so that you can enjoy their beauty for longer.

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We also understand that not every single person is aware of Alex and Ani jewelry pieces. If you fall under this group, here is a brief introduction to the company and its products.

What are Alex and Ani bracelets?

ALEX AND ANI is an American company based in Rhode Island and specializes in fine jewelry production. It was established back in 2004 and has since then reached tremendous heights in the realm of fine jewelry, having earned the trust of millions of people throughout the globe. Alex and Ani brand jewelry is known for its high-quality and fresh designs.

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Speaking of the products they offer, their main niche is bracelets made of various materials, mostly the recyclable ones, although you will also find a precious-metal jewelry collection. ALEX AND ANI offer a wide range of charm bracelets with a huge variety of details in each piece.

Using recycled materials to create bracelets is key to the company’s sustainability. However, this approach also leaves jewelry prone to tarnishing, and this is the problem we will be solving today.

Preventing Alex and Ani bracelets from tarnishing

Before we get down to the cleaning itself, there are some tips on how to minimize the chances of the material’s oxidizing, which will result in the bracelet’s more appealing look.

The first advice is to avoid putting your bracelet on the skin that has recently been moisturized with creams, lotions, or any other kind of beauty product. You really don’t want the chemical reaction to occur between your jewelry and cosmetics since it will lead to the rapid tarnishing of the material.

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Second, it is better to store your jewelry pieces separately from each other in a special container or box made for jewelry specifically. This will prevent your embellishments from scrubbing each other’s surfaces and causing a chemical reaction.

Apart from that, make sure you take off your beautiful jewelry pieces when swimming in a pool or the sea, bathing, doing physical exercise, or cleaning the house with toxic chemicals.

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How to clean Alex and Ani bracelets

It is crucial that you clean your jewelry on a regular basis as it won’t let dirt and oils on the material’s surface lead to tarnishing over time. Our method is so incredibly simple that anyone will handle the technique.

You will need some warm water, a soft toothbrush, dish soap, and dry, soft cloth. The first step is to make a bath by pouring warm water into a non-metallic container and adding dish soap to it. You need to soak your bracelet in this liquid for a few minutes, or just rinse the bracelet with the soap water.

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Then, take your toothbrush and start to gently scrub the bracelet’s surface and additional details like stones or charms. Next, dry the cleaned bracelet with a cloth; make sure to get rid of all the moisture!

The last and optional step is to polish the bracelet with a special polishing cloth. You surely don’t want to overdo at this stage, although this procedure could add some extra shine to the piece.

As you can see, this is an extremely simple-to-follow tutorial for cleaning Alex and Ani jewelry at home with basic supplies. We hope, we managed to help you breathe new life into your favorite pieces of jewelry, and you will now love them even more!



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