Let's Talk About World's Biggest Fine Jewelry Brands

Brand fine jewelry companies are known for providing customers with pieces of the highest quality; brand bijouterie appears to be extremely durable and boasts some marvelous shine that non-brand jewelry can’t keep up with. Millions of people worldwide are ready to pay a fortune to possess gemstone-designed jewelry created in the biggest fashion houses.

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Let’s take a look at several popular jewelry producers that have earned the trust of people all over the planet. How did these leading fine jewelry companies get their place under the sun and what are their best pieces to attract new customers and satisfy the regular ones? Let's find out.

Tiffany & Co. jewelry

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most successful and thriving fine jewelry companies in the world; it was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young in Brooklyn. Tiffany’s father sponsored the opening of the business by allocating $1,000 from his own profits.

Tiffany items include an amazing variety of jewelry pieces, such as diamonds, colored gemstones, chains, and a flowing silver stream combined with unusual heart-shaped elements and long clasps. Any kind of precious material can be found within their house, like gold, rose gold, and silver. Tiffany & Co. don't hesitate and add an abundance of diamonds to their astonishing pieces, although minimalist jewelry is one of the options, too.

Speaking of the past, there were some outstanding works within the company. For example, Pierre Ricaud pleased his admirers with exquisite models displaying violets and exotic flowers, with the shining Mother-of-pearl necklace rivaling top. This gorgeous collier in silvery metal is encrusted with natural mother-of-pearl and glass crystals. Its basic chain length makes 40 cm, with extra 7 cm to regulate.

mother of pearls

The Mahidevran (sultan) necklace conveys Turkish motifs and comprises numerous gemstones framed as a two-leaved fruit. A short necklace is worn close to the neck, enhancing its shape.

BVLGARI jewelry

Bulgari (BVLGARI) is an Italian luxury fine jewelry company established in 1884 in Rome. Sotirios Voulgaris is the founder of the brand who boasts Greek origin. Jewelry collections offered by Bulgari underwent changes from exclusively gold pieces during World War II to those covered in diamonds when the situation in the world stabilized.

bulgari necklace

One of Bulgari's major advantages as a fine jewelry company is that they strive to run a fully sustainable business. Their key values include implementing and maintaining decent working conditions for the employees, as well as minimize the damage from the manufacture.

The companies catalog is extremely rich and versatile so that everyone will find a piece of jewelry to meet their demands. Bulgari neck jewelry comprises massive compositions in metal and sparkling gemstones. Mesmerizing ruby and emerald necklaces in yellow and white gold have accentuated evening attires of many celebrities. Apart from these elements, the renowned jewelry house utilizes antique coins as well.

Chanel jewelry

Chanel, a world-famous French luxury brand, mostly specializes in the production of clothing. However, fine jewelry has been one of the brand’s top priorities since Coco Chanel began to run the business in 1909. It all started with selling hats to wives of affluent businessmen and later on developed into a huge couture company.

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These days, Chanel amazes us with a new interpretation of eternal classic presenting hallmarked necklaces with long laces and square and cross-shaped pendants. Its jewelry combines glass pearls, resin and metal, and small strass crystals. They are also known for legendary chokers covered in diamonds worth thousands of dollars.

Chanel's newest positions include minimalist but still posh beige-gold rings with a quilted motif, which looks extremely fresh and unique as opposed to rather typical and old-fashioned designs of many other brands. Chanel is known to be constantly inventing something splendid and distinctive; this is what enables them to stay on the top positions in the fine jewelry world hierarchy.

Avon jewelry

You should also have heard about Avon, a huge beauty company found in the UK in 1886 by David McConnell who initially sold books and then switched to producing perfumes in California. The company acquired its current name in 1939 and has since been referred to as Avon Productions.

Although Avon’s specialization is manufacturing cosmetics and perfumes, you will also find numerous jewelry positions in their catalogs. For instance, Amari is a fashionable necklace with decorative accents of fragile glass flowers of different sizes and a chain in silvery metal. Special favor is enjoyed by fabric necklaces crafted in the shibori technique that suggests stones wrapped in fabric.

avon necklace


A renowned Frech fine jewelry and watch company sells luxurious pieces with a sophisticated design. Founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, Cartier hasn't lost its grip and maintained high positions in the realm of jewelry production to this day. They specialize in manufacturing a vast range of accessories, like leather bags and belts, engagement and wedding rings, as well as produce fragrances with remarkable magnifying odors.

Smooth curves of the jewelry will make your heart beat faster, as this beauty knows no mercy and makes you surrender to the remarkable shine of the pieces. Some distinctive features of Cartier jewelry include modest thin chains, although extremely strong and durable, as well as flower motifs, a combination of various metals in a single piece, and embellishing some positions with numerous colorless crystals for an exquisite look.

cartier trinity earrings

Trinity earrings from the newest collection have already become legendary and set a great example for other companies to follow. Three thick strips of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold add up to extraordinary monumental design. Such a piece of jewelry is incredible universal and will go well with any type of outfit.

These were some outstanding fine-jewelry companies whose products you can purchase almost in any shopping mall today. Rest assured, each of them will offer you a perfect piece of jewelry to meet your high demands.



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