Long necklaces – a bold step towards elegance

It is not always easy to choose the right accessory when it comes to the necklaces. They are extremely varied and differ from each other in design, materials, styles and purpose. One of the key criteria when choosing a piece of jewelry is its length.

Long necklaces come first to mind. But the choice has to be smart because it is very easy to spoil the look with a single mismatching necklace.

Therefore, the choice of long necklaces should be made with responsibility and caution, paying attention to all the details in the appearance.

long necklace

What is the length of the necklace

In order to understand what we mean by a long necklace, let’s talk what kind of necklaces there are on the market, their names and subspecies.

Collar. Yes, that's exactly what it means. This word can briefly describe jewelry that tightly wraps around the neck. Collars bring all the attention to the neck itself and kind of shortens it therefore they look good on long and thin necks. The length of collars is an average of 30 centimeters (depending on the owner’s size).

collar necklace

Choker. These are a bit longer than collars, but still considered as short. The choker wraps around the neck but not in the middle (as a collar does), but a little lower, at the base of the neck. In this way, it looks like chokers separate the neck from the torso and as a result make the neck look longer. The length of the choker varies from about 35 to 40 centimeters.

choker necklace

Princess. The most popular and probably the most versatile type of all necklaces. Let’s say medium length. The princess often does not fall below the collarbone and pays attention to the neckline. The length is about 45-50 centimeters.

princess necklace

Matinee. It is an extended Princess type. Matinee is often worn with pendants or other neck ornaments. They draw the attention to the chest and look great with deep décolleté zones. Can reach 50-60 centimeters.

So, when we say “long necklace” we mean a matinee, or an «opera», rope, or sautoir – necklaces that are longer than 50 cm. Now let’s take a closer look and talk about the best way to wear them.

matinee necklace

How to combine long necklaces

The long necklaces mentioned above can be difficult to combine with everyday looks. Depending on the design, some of them either barely reach the waist, or swing all the way to the hips. More neutral «opera» necklaces reach the area just below the chest. Thus, all these types of jewelry are perfect to create a multilayer necklace or to combine with long pendants or both. Such combination can easily be the highlight of the whole look standing out against the background of more neutral elements of clothing.

Rope or sautoir is a clear indicator of the courage of its owner. These long necklaces span meters. They are uncomfortable in an everyday gathering and look unusual under the definition of «casual», but especially draw special attention to some informal event.

rope necklace

Why would someone wear a necklace if it might be uncomfortable? The answer lies on the surface. Most long necklaces are defined precisely to elongate the silhouette, making it look longer and therefore thinner. A set of long necklaces will add elegance and richness to the look, it is suitable for an event and gives the woman an indescribable feeling of self-confidence.

Today, there are many ways of how to wear long necklaces. They can be connected to each other in a multi-layer decoration, you can throw it behind your back or tie it in a knot. You can add a solid color dress or suit, which will make the jewelry stand out and make your look an unforgettable experience both for you and the people around.

sautoir necklace

Turn your imagination on and be ready to experiment! You can wear laconic chokers as much as you like, but if you want to feel different and go beyond you know there are elongated necklaces waiting just for you.



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