Chunky necklaces. The bolder and brighter – the better!

We all always want bigger and prettier. But massive accessories can both emphasize the image and spoil it. Therefore, chunky or statement necklaces, just like the long ones, are the opposite of neat and cute chokers or thin chains. Chunky necklaces are suitable for those who are ready to attract attention.

As the name suggests, chunky necklaces are larger, thicker and heavier than regular ones. This part of your outfit will definitely stand out and attract attention. If simple necklaces are designed to look harmoniously against the background, the statement necklaces will certainly come to the front line.

The main reason for loving chunky necklaces is their versatility. It might seem difficult to choose an outfit for a decoration that is so bright and bulky but in fact this heavy jewelry is quite suitable for an office suit, evening dress and even a simple summer look. Therefore, the same necklace can become the central element of several looks. It can accentuate a simple outfit or make it more festive. Or it can add some bold elegance to an evening look.

 chunky necklaces

How to wear statement necklaces?

Drop-shaped, forged, coin necklaces - so many to choose from. As a rule, chunky necklaces cannot be hidden under a blouse, shirt or anything else. Therefore, when choosing an accessory, it is important to ensure that the neckline is sufficiently open. So that clothes do not overlap large chains or heavy pearls. Open wardrobe items are ideally combined with massive necklaces: tops, dresses, T-shirts, jackets and autumn coats.

If you think that you will not be able to wear such jewelry to work, then you are mistaken. In many cases, massive necklaces can look stern and business-like if paired well with a suit. The necklace will give your silhouette the right accent when you sit at the meeting table.

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The main feature of chunky necklaces is that they always occupy a central place in your look. No other accessory you’re wearing can beat it. Therefore, it is best to choose and match an outfit specifically for the necklace, and not vice versa.

The main types of statement necklaces are heavy tribal beads, massive pendants, huge chains and pearl necklaces.

Statement necklaces, as already mentioned, can be worn over T-shirts and any other closed clothing, such as badlons. In this case, the decoration will visually separate the head from the torso and, as a result, lengthen the neck. It is important to avoid bright and patterned outfits when wearing statement jewelry. This will make your image look overloaded and too "dirty". Try putting your hair back or pulling it up into a high hairstyle. Massive earrings will also look good next to thick chains.

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Layering is perfect for chunky necklaces!

There are many materials from which massive necklaces are made. Stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, silver and other metals and alloys. More exotic options are bead weaving, precious and semi-precious stones, obsidian, glass and wood.

Thanks to this variability, you can decorate the product with other accessories! For example, if you are wearing a massive silver chain add a few thin gold ones.

Layered necklaces are several pieces of jewelry worn together. There is always a central element in such composition and that element could be your favorite statement necklace. Therefore, smaller chains, pendants or chokers will complement the centerpiece.

chunky neck5

Massive necklaces are the perfect option for a chic style. They look great on their own and add a splash of color to any outfit. They will make your outfit look 10 times more expensive! And, most importantly, the jewelry market is full of inexpensive and even budget options. Chunky necklaces will turn your wardrobe into a real work of art!



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