Cuff bracelets - The Most Universal Accessory

The role of jewelry in the fashion industry is hard to overestimate. Accessories breathe life into our image and add the lacking elements that will finish the whole look, making it complete.

Some followers of fashion trends like gold jewelry exclusively, while others argue that silver looks better in a bracelet. We believe, there is always a middle ground and a perfect option for both sides. Let’s dive into the world of cuff bracelets that make a highly appealing and convenient accessory great for everyday use.

What is a cuff bracelet?

colorful cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are a unique type of accessory. What makes a bracelet a cuff one is the round shape and absence of a clasp. The shape also compliments any type of wrist, with the minimalistic design emphasizing the beautiful curves of your arm.

The material also determines if your bracelet falls under the cuff group. Cuff jewelry is made of stainless steel or, in some seldom occasions, precious metal. Rose gold, gold, silver – these are three best-sellers that you can find both online and in real jewelry stores.

Why wear cuff bracelets?

There are several reasons why cuff bracelets make one of the best-received accessories on the market today. The main point for purchasing a cuff bracelet would be the fact that this type of jewelry does look luxurious and expensive due to the heavy material, which is stainless steel stylized to resemble gold or silver.

Cuff bracelets stay on the elegant side. Those people keen on simple, minimalistic designs will highly appreciate cuff bracelets for their discreet features. Nonetheless, some of the options are more posh and extravagant, making all eyes attracted to your wrist.

Apart from that, cuff bracelets are easily implemented into any style and outfit unlike accessories with garish patterns that don’t really go with many types of clothes.

Overall, here are some reasons to opt for cuff bracelets as your accessory:

  • Luxurious type of jewelry
  • Looks expensive
  • Variety of designs

Types of cuff bracelets

The variety of cuff jewelry is truly amazing. If study the market carefully, you will come across thousands of different options, with multiple unique and outstanding designs. Although it would be fair to note that finding the perfect piece might take some time!

Cuff bracelets with engavings

cuff bracelet engravings

Jewelry may be worn to convey a message and have some abstract or even specific meaning. Many accessories will have some words, phrases, or sentences engraved on the inner surface of the item on the assembly line, long before you get to purchase the bracelet.

However, many manufacturers, particularly small businesses, offer custom orders and let their clients chose the engraving for themselves. This is a great idea for a birthday present or gift for any festive occasion. You could ask to engrave the name of a person, some special date, or a motto to cheer your beloved one on a rainy day.

Minimalistic cuff bracelets

minimalist cuff bracelet

Immensely lightweight and thin pieces of jewelry, minimalistic cuff bracelets will serve as a great birthday gift for a teenager or a young person who starts to find precious metals fascinating and explore the world of fine jewelry.

The surface of the bracelet is mere steel with no engravings, no gemstones, and no additional details. Just the magnificent simplicity of the accessory and pure magic. This artistic creation will go well with long gowns to go to a restaurant, although it could complement your casual outfit as well.

Massive cuff bracelets

massive cuff bracelet

In contrast to miniature cuff bracelet designs, massive jewelry has several layers or strips of the metal as their base. These accessories will look incredible on any kind of wrist and body type.

If you feel worried that big bracelets will visually increase your wrist in size, we’re here to reassure you it won’t happen. On the contrary, massive pieces of jewelry emphasize the smooth curves of your petite wrist and even make it look thinner.

Nevertheless, prospective owners of massive cuff bracelets should bear in mind that these accessories are significantly heavier than minimalistic bracelets with just one strip of metal. So, if you are into jewelry of considerable weight, feel free to check these bracelets out!

Gemstone cuff bracelets

cuff bracelet with gemstones

Glamorous and sparkly designs will always be in vogue. This is where cuff bracelets with input stones enter the ring to bring the house down with an astonishing balance of expensively looking gems and a sophisticated metal strip.

The combination of these two decorative elements makes a true masterpiece that you will definitely want to see on your wrist! The vast range of gemstones used to create each individual bracelet is surprising. You will find pieces with quartz, aqua, emerald, and many other bestsellers.

Wide cuff bracelets

wide silver cuff bracelet

Close to massive cuff bracelets with several stripes, this alternation only has one piece of the wide metal strip in its core. It is, therefore, not as heavy as bracelets with multiple layers, but still around three times bigger than an average cuff bracelet.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, wide one-piece jewelry makes an extremely durable accessory that will be passed on to the next generations. If you are down to making an investment, pay attention to this type of jewelry.

Thematic cuff bracelets

thematic Egyptian cuff bracelet

Want to celebrate your national identity or the culture of your folk? Thematic cuff bracelets might come in handy! They are created with respect to and based on the cultural peculiarities of many ethnicities.

For instance, Egyptian-stylized accessories are sold all throughout the world as Egypt makes one of the most popular summer destinations for tourists. These bracelets have patterns characteristic of this specific culture. Same with Indian or Chinese thematic jewelry, millions of people every day search for cultural representation of a nation they share an interest in.

Given all that, cuff bracelets make a fresh idea for a birthday or anniversary gift. If you need an accessory to make you stand out, cuff bracelets are the top-notch option!



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