Universal Turquoise Bracelet For Your Health And Beauty

Natural stones are highly valued for their healing properties and the beneficial energy they share with their owner. People choose their stone guided by their birth date, week, or astrological sign. Some consider their name while deciding what stone to wear. Turquoise is one of the most appreciated stones in the world due to its deep celestial color that appeases everyone. The turquoise color palette is impressive: you can find aqua blue, bluish-green, light azure green, or yellowish-green. You can encounter a brown, grey, or black matrix complementing the stone. The presence of a matrix can lower the value of the accessory, but that doesn't mean that it is worthless or unmarketable. Many people prefer matrix in fashioned Turquoise bracelets if their look is attractive and balanced. Turquoise comes in a variety of jewelry pieces, including earrings, necklaces, and rings, but bracelets are the most popular kind of accessory beloved by ladies worldwide. A bracelet with an appealing gem makes any look eye-catching and stylish. People believe that it may be old-fashioned, but we know that jewelry defines your personality, and a Turquoise bracelet will signify your good taste and elegance. Find more interesting information about Turquoise accessories in the article!

What is a Turquoise bracelet?

A Turquoise bracelet is an exceptional accessory that enchants people by its heavenly colors. People usually choose this gemstone when born in December and as a present for their eleventh anniversary. Why is this stone special? Perhaps, it is connected with its long history that goes back to 4,000 BC when it was found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. Turquoise bracelets are among the world’s oldest pieces of jewelry. The color of the stone brought Ancient Egyptians joy and delight, and that’s why they called turquoise “mefkat.”

Nowadays, turquoise has inspired jewelry-makers to create elegant accessories. It’s most often cut into cabochons, but it might also be cut into beads or flat pieces for inlays. Both males and females wear attractive Turquoise bracelets to balance their energy or adorn the outfit. You can make an unforgettable present to your close person on a special occasion with a bracelet decorated with this gem. Choose among gold, silver, pearl, or steel bracelets with turquoise to impress everyone. Move on to explore the bracelet’s brief classification.

Types of Turquoise bracelet

We prepared for you a short description of Turquoise bracelets types popular in the fashion world. This stone’s color is unequivocal and has many shades that define the bracelet type, but there are as well polished turquoise stones and turquoise carvings. Choose your favorite accessory to underline your charm, and remember that Turquoise enables people’s souls to purify from negativeness and focus on the higher values.

Sterling silver Turquoise bracelet

Silver is an excellent bracelet material that matches with Turquoise stones since these colors exceptionally complement each other. You can choose a bracelet adorned with silver charms that creates a charming and elegant look of a Turquoise bracelet. Explore the rich world of silver jewelry in the article.

sterling silver Turquoise bracelets

Pearl Turquoise bracelet

Pearls also fantastically mix and match with Turquoise, creating an elegant accessory for special occasions. This jewelry piece will perfectly complement a wedding gown due to its gentleness and charm. Choose a pearl Turquoise bracelet as a present for yourself or your lovely ladies.

pearl Turquoise bracelets

Gold Turquoise bracelet

You already found out in this article that turquoise is a gem available in a variety of blue-green shades. Green turquoise matches with gold bracelets creating a rich, stunning look. If you want to feel like a queen, choose a gold bracelet adorned with turquoise stones.

gold Turquoise bracelets

Boho Turquoise bracelet

Boho bracelets are in vogue nowadays, and they are exceptionally valued if adorned with natural gems. Connect with the universe and nature with a boho Turquoise bracelet that is perfect for daily wear.

boho Turquoise bracelets

Cuff Turquoise bracelet

With a universal cuff bracelet, you can make every outfit stunning and exquisite. Turquoise cuff accessories are popular among Native Americans. It is considered one of their national symbols. Get a meaningful bracelet with a long history to feel the spirit of your ancestors.

cuff Turquoise bracelets

Mandala Turquoise bracelet

A mandala bracelet will empower you with spiritual energy. It captivates people by the ability to find harmony and is perfect for meditation. Wear a mandala Turquoise accessory on your right wrist and feel free to pray.

mandala Turquoise bracelets

Men’s Turquoise bracelet

Men’s accessories are not as popular as women's, but they are available in a plethora of excellent styles and designs. With a Turquoise bracelet, your man will obtain new power and energy to deal with any problems.

men Turquoise bracelets

Turquoise bracelet features

Turquoise is the national gem of Tibet and a ceremonial gem for Native American tribes. People believed that it provided them health, good fortune, and protection from evil. That’s why they used it in jewelry and amulets. Turquoise is believed to possess heavenly energy that diverted negativity. Moreover, it has a clear connection to the purity of natural elements, such as water and air. It was found out that turquoise perfectly works with lapis lazuli because these stones bring pure energy. If you are looking for an amulet that will enhance your growth and overall well-being, choose a Turquoise bracelet. Its soothing and uplifting color is beneficial for relationships struggling with finding peace and balance. In general, this gem enables their wearer to imbue their life with joy and happiness.

Turquoise bracelet healing properties

Wearing turquoise gems enables you to improve your eyesight as it gives your eyes relief. So if you have any eye-related issues, then you should consider acquiring this gemstone. Moreover, it is also beneficial in diseases related to the heart and kidney. People having any problems with blood pressure need to try to enhance their well-being by wearing a Turquoise bracelet. However, take into account that you must not disregard medical treatment and rely on a bracelet only when it was not successful. You may complement traditional treatment by Turquoise gemstone but never use it alone instead of seeing a doctor.


So you can see that a Turquoise bracelet is a magic tool to heal your body and soul and give your look charming details.



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