Bowl Bracelets – A Stylish Accessory For Sneaky Smokers

Are you in search of an out-of-the-ordinary birthday present for a friend? Or perhaps you happen to be a heavy smoker but fear your relatives will find cigarettes in your bag? Then bowl bracelets will make just the right accessory for you to utilize on a daily basis!

What is a bowl bracelet?

Also known as pipe bracelets, bowl bracelets make an extraordinary decorative item that not only complements your outfit but also functions as a means of storing tobacco or even smoking. But let’s cover it all step by step.

paracord pipe bracelet

On the surface, a bowl bracelet looks like a cute accessory with a common design, usually of a beaded bracelet. Threads and beads make its basis, so, nothing new here.

The revolutionary part begins with the clasp and details inside the bracelet. The pipe bracelets have a removable bowl piece where you keep the tobacco, a steel filter to put on the bottom of the bowl, a top detail to shut the mouth part close, a mouth part that you use to inhale the smoke, and a pipe hidden inside the bracelet.

pipe bracelet

To reveal the pipe, you just need to unscrew the top, put the additional parts of the bracelet aside to use the pipe, and there you go! Simple as that.

Why get yourself a bowl bracelet?

There are numerous reasons why you may want to purchase one of the break-through bowl bracelets. First, they are innovative so that most people have never even heard of; possessing such a thing will surely make you stand out by default!

Second, pipe bracelets are a viable solution for heavy smokers who need an alternative to average cigarettes. If you recognized yourself in this description, a bowl bracelet will come in handy during a party if you want to bring some stuff without being noticed. Maybe you’re looking for a way to brighten up your mundane smoking routine and add some variety to it!

pipe bowl bracelet

In addition to that, a pipe bracelet is highly portable and lightweight, which turns in into a top-notch cigarette or real smoking pipe alternative. Of course, let’s not forget that it is still a bracelet that can boast an elegant, discreet design to go well with your outfit. Pipe bracelets are usually made with thick cords, which contributes to their extreme durability as an accessory.

Last but not least, bowl bracelets make a fun and unique birthday present for a person you want to surprise with your imagination. You can present it as a bizarre alternation of a friendship bracelet. However, you should bear in mind that such a gift won’t help a person give up on the bad habit, so you probably shouldn’t buy it if you would like a person to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Bowl bracelet designs

Although rather new on the market, bowl bracelets do showcase some decent diversity in their designs. Let’s have a look at the most popular positions at the moment.

Rainbow bowl bracelets

rainbow bowl braceletBright and colorful bowl bracelets will help you attract people’s attention and add some positive summer vibes to your garment. Such color variation will also contribute to the hippie vibes that you may want to radiate.

Unicolored bowl bracelets

black bowl bracelet1Black, white, pink, the whole color palette is at your disposal. Chose any monochrome variation of the pipe bracelet if you are fond of minimalist designs or want to draw little attention to your unusual accessory.

Neon bowl bracelets

neon bowl braceletPerfect for dwellers of nightclubs, neon pipe bracelets serve as a vivid accessory during a hot summer night with your friends. Since neon shades are bringing the house down in the fashion industry these days, implementing them in your outfit would be a great idea as well.

Beaded bowl bracelets

beaded bowl braceletDecorated with cute tiny beads woven into the bracelet’s basis, this alternation will certainly match your light dress or any other girlish outfit. Wearing this boho-style accessory will leave your friends surprised when they find out its true purpose!


To sum up, bowl bracelets are a true hidden treasure in the world of embellishments. Incredibly practical and mobile, these tiny pipes will give you a helping hand more than once, that’s for sure!



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