How To Style Chain Bracelets In 2022

A chain bracelet is a piece of universal jewelry that will suit women, men, and even children. Due to their classic shape, they fit well for everyday wear and exquisite parties. There were times when chain jewelry was out of fashion, but since then many of their new designs and ways to wear them have emerged. Therefore, if you have a chain bracelet on the shelf at home and you do not know how to wear it stylishly - it's time to read our article. Learn more about popular chain bracelets designs and the ways to style them in 2022.

Chain bracelets popular designs

Every time you think of a chain bracelet you probably imagine a classic chain-link bracelet and see nothing special in it. But in fact, this jewelry can be quite different. It can be used in different metals, combined with different applications, and made in an unusual design. So, before we move on to tips on how to trendy wear chain bracelets, learn more about what designs are among these accessories.

Delicate gold chain bracelets

If you are looking for a gift for girls, you can choose a gold chain bracelet. This model is usually produced in a thin chain and looks elegant on the lady's hand. Therefore, the design of this bracelet goes well with various dresses and light skirts. Also, such a bracelet can be made of another metal, such as sterling silver. However, it is in gold that the chain bracelet for girls will look very harmonious.

Massive gold chain bracelets

When speaking about this chain bracelets design, then it is more suitable for women. This is made in the form of a large chain with massive elements. Such a gold bracelet will have only one disadvantage - not always an affordable price. But if you have the opportunity to buy a massive gold chain bracelet, then you can match it to any style and stay luxurious.

Silver chain bracelet

Massive chain bracelets made of silver or platinum are the most suitable for men. Such jewelry conveys strength and shows the status of a man. By the way, this is one of the few types of bracelets that men can wear. Therefore, you can please your beloved men with a beautiful and fashionable accessory.

Braided chain bracelets

The design of braided chain bracelets is pretty much exclusive: it is combined with braids. The braids can be made of threads or any other materials. Depending on the color of the braids, you can fit an element of your outfit and make it personalized.

Layered chain bracelets

If you like to layer bracelets or wear a lot of jewelry on one hand, then the design of layered chain bracelets will suit you. The layers can be not only of the same type of bracelets. They can contain different types of chain bracelets and be quite unusual. This design should be selected for something special because it is unlikely to be suitable for everyday wear.

2022 Trends for styling chain bracelets

Although chain bracelets are classic jewelry, they also need a good taste to combine harmoniously with clothing and other accessories. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what are the current trends in fashion for wearing this type of jewelry. You don't have to copy every piece of advice and run to the store if you don't have a certain item of clothing. Choose a few trends for yourself and try to combine them with what you have in your wardrobe.

Wear chain bracelet with a watch

We are sure that you have already seen the combination of a chain bracelet and a watch. But this couple will not go out of fashion for a long time. When choosing a watch for a bracelet, it is better to prefer a quality metal watch. The color and material of the bracelet and the watch must match to be in harmony. This combination will go well with plain shirts. Choose the length of the sleeve so that it does not cover the accessory, but only testifies to your style.

Wear chain bracelet with a watch

Put it on your sleeve

Another way to diversify your look with a chain bracelet is to put it on your sleeve. To do this, choose massive bracelets so that they are visible. This is great for the winter look when you wear golf. Choose any color of clothes. Whether contrasting colored sleeves or pastel tones - everything will fit your chain bracelet.

Put it on your sleeve

Choose several chain bracelets

Chain bracelets don't happen too much! This year's trend is also the combination of several bracelets. To create a stylish accessory, choose different bracelets. For example, you can take a chunky Cuban link bracelet, box link chain bracelet, and adjustable chain bracelet. Focus on your own taste, but do not put on too many bracelets. Wear no more than five accessories. And also remember the balance. If you choose several massive bracelets, the others should be tiny ones. And all bracelets must be made of one material.

Choose several chain bracelets

Try a hand chain bracelet

You've probably seen in Indian or Arab films that girls there wear bracelets that connect to a wedding ring. This is the hand chain bracelet. This is a rather unusual piece of jewelry and it is not very practical to wear to the office for work. But if you are invited to a costume party, we advise you to wear a hand chain bracelet and a black elegant dress. Believe us, such an outfit will not go unnoticed.

Try a hand chain bracelet

Choose a beaded chain bracelet

Beaded chain bracelet is an interesting combination of color accents. You can choose a certain color of beads and fit an item of clothing accordingly. It does not have to be a sweater or pants of the same color. You can even choose just a hut or scarf in the same color scheme. Also as beads can be charms or your initials. This will give the bracelet a more personalized character and make it unique.

Choose a beaded chain bracelet

Take a look at cross-link chain bracelet

If you want to put something more important in the bracelet, then you should think about buying a cross-link chain bracelet. This accessory is trendy also because the trend now proclaims freedom of religion and opinion. Instead of a cross, you can choose a chain bracelet with other symbols that inspire you. You can combine this bracelet with others and even wear it for a sports outfit.

Take a look at cross link chain bracelet

Don’t forget about gemstones

For those who are willing to invest big money in jewelry, you will definitely like this trend. Choose a chain bracelet with diamonds or other precious stones if you want to shine just like these gemstones. Many celebrities demonstrate this style by wearing massive diamond chain bracelets on the catwalk, as well as jeans or leather pants. Therefore, you can be sure that such jewelry is definitely worth your attention and investment.

Dont forget about gemstones

Conclusion about chain bracelets trends

Chain bracelets will always be universal jewelry. It can fit any kind of outfit: for office, social meetings, and red carpet walks. There are multiple trends of how and with what to wear chain bracelets, and you can create your own style. Chain bracelets are an essential part of the accessories that bring their wearer confidence and elegance.




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