How to Choose the Adjustable Bracelet

Bracelets are the exact type of accessories that are basically never out of fashion. Made of different materials, with various color options, they can easily become the essential component of your daily look.
Nevertheless, choosing the right bracelet can sometimes be really challenging, especially at first, when you try to figure out how to make the most of your new accessory. And that is why the adjustable bracelet can be the perfect solution for getting your bracelet or purchasing one as a present for the closest people of yours. Let’s discover the basic information you should know before getting an adjustable bracelet!

What is an Adjustable bracelet?

An adjustable bracelet is a wrist bracelet accessory, the size of which can be easily regulated (adjusted) to the appropriate size you need. Such bracelets are usually made of various materials and can have specific methods for size adjusting.

For example, the metal chain, which is made of gold, silver copper, and others, can be fastened on the most comfortable link, so it is neither too loose nor too tight for wearing it on your wrist. Or else, the adjustable cord bracelets are usually connected with the bead or the specific tying elements, that help you to fasten and loosen the bracelet whenever you want.

Features of the Adjustable bracelet

In general, that type of bracelet has plenty of benefits compared to the standard models you can see in the mass market. Now, let’s cover the basic features you should keep in mind when choosing your next bracelet.

Adjustable to any wrist size

That’s the most initial reason why people love these bracelets. When purchasing one for yourself or as a present - you don’t even need to measure your wrist to make the right choice!

Can be purchased as a present

Next, you can easily get the adjustable present for your closest people and don’t be afraid you haven’t found the right size. In fact, according to recent researches, the sizing issue is one of the primary reasons why people return the purchases or don’t wear the items at all.

Made of different materials

Some consumers used to wear only the bracelets, made of a certain material, like silver, copper, leather, etc. You can effortlessly find an adjustable bracelet made of the most trendy materials, which perfectly fits your expectations!

Can’t slip off

The loss of our favorite accessories is one of the biggest pains that everyone has faced at least once in their life. By purchasing the adjustable bracelet you will forget about the fear of slipping off of your bracelet after you have got it on your wrist. Thus, you can wear it with pleasure as long as you wish.

Types of Adjustable bracelets

Just like we said before, there are plenty of kinds of adjustable bracelets you can choose from. Different materials, colors, and styles of the adjustable bracelets allow you to wear them individually or combine them with other accessories you like the most. Let’s cover the main kinds of bracelets you can find in the shop today

Adjustable cord bracelets

Handmade and branded, these bracelets are simple to wear, sturdy and durable for daily use. They are traditionally made of leather or fiber (the good material choices of fiber cord are hemp, waxed cotton, and Chinese knotting cord), which allows them to prevent grasping and sliding. The knots can be easily adjusted to a larger size by sliding the knots closer to each other or away from each other if you need the smaller bracelet.

adjustable cord bracelet

Adjustable chain bracelets

Another great option to choose from is to get the adjustable chain bracelet which can easily fit any wrist size you need. It can be a simple and stylish accessory to basically any look you choose: formal, casual, street styles, and so on. Besides, made of durable materials, it can become a perfect solution for years! But please, keep in mind that it should be made of high-quality materials such as gold, silver, copper, etc, to ensure it won’t get darker or lose its original color.

adjustable chain bracelet

Adjustable sliding bracelets

Also, you can choose the adjustable bracelets with the sliding bead, which allows controlling the size of your bracelet to fit it correctly. Such type can be made of metal and fiber and is the right solution for durable wearing.
And no worries, the adjustable mechanism of the sliding bracelet is reliable enough to ensure constant size capturing on your wrist.

adjustable sliding bracelet

Tips for choosing the Adjustable bracelet

Also, let’s cover the most popular tips for getting the adjustable bracelet that perfectly fits your style and concerns. So, what should you know before purchasing your adjustable bracelet?

#1 Consider the bracelet material

Find out which bracelet material better fits your character and preferences, and learn about the features of each kind of material for your adjustable bracelet. Metal or fiber? Which one will be more durable and comfortable for you to wear?

#2 Think over the adjusting method

There are different methods used for the adjustable bracelets, and each of them fits different people. Some consumers are used to adjusting the bracelet with the clip, others use a sliding bead or cord to reach the desired size. Nevertheless, we recommend you choose the one with which you can easily interact without asking other people to help you wear your accessory.

#3 Pick up your style

It is often said that the accessories can reflect the character traits of their owner. So, get the bracelet that you like the most, and which can perfectly match your clothes. This way you will not only get the new jewelry but also purchase the universal item for your daily looks. For instance, you can choose the classic chain, traditional link type, multi-link bracelet, or charm bracelet.

choosing adjustable bracelet


Whatever kind of adjustable bracelet you would like to purchase, we are certain you will find a unique accessory, that perfectly fits your style and reflects your character. Start looking for your adjustable bracelet right now!



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