Kia Bracelets for Us to Remember

Every time we lose a loved one under certain circumstances we want to recollect the memory of this person. A special honor should be designated to our heroes: marines, soldiers, air infantry members, and those who sacrifice their lives fighting for our freedom. Having designed especially for that reason, KIA bracelets personify one of the heroes you would like to remember. Wearing a memorable bracelet for the first time might seem like a painful reminder of someone who passed away. But over time, your symbol of honor will turn into a day-to-day accompaniment coupled with a wedding ring or watch. As George Eliot mentioned, "She was no longer wrestling with the grief, but could sit down with it as a lasting companion and make it a sharer in her thoughts." KIA bracelet does not act as an ordinary accessory. This symbolic gesture of respect hides a noble purpose by its wearing. Make it your lasting companion in honoring the heroes.

What is a KIA bracelet?

The history behind these meaningful bracelets dates back to times when Rob Tacy invented the term ''memorial bracelet'' in October 2001. It all started with the website. Bracelets stand as a way to show support to the victims of terrorism or war, in the esteem of an event such as the September 11 attacks on the United States. As a particular kind of memorable bracelets, KIA bracelets remind us of those heroes who were killed in action: veterans of fighting in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. A general conception of bracelet engraving divides into 3 lines: 1 - soldiers rank and name; 2 - date of death and branch of service; 3- a place of death. There may be any other engravings including religious and patriotic symbols. Despite their rigorous purposes, there is no special instruction on how to wear KIA bracelets. Putting bracelets on the right or left hand or taking them off does not make an important sense. That is on you of how many bracelets you wear simultaneously, but taking into account that they are more likely a gesture of honor, you would rather keep only one on your wrist. Not counting their main wearing motive, by buying the bracelet you donate 2.00$ for every product. Thus Memorial Bracelets members have reached over 296,00$ in a donation to help the children who lost parents in the September 11, 2001 tragedies, children who lost parents during the wars, injured Marines, and their families.

KIA bracelets types

As you have understood, KIA bracelets are intended to save the memory of someone who did not come home protecting us. The bracelets developers pay special attention to some events they devote to the wristbands. Due to this reason, we should mention the tragedies our victims participated in. KIA bracelets honor the heroes of Beirut Barracks Bombing, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Freedom's Sentinel, Operation Gothic Serpent, Gulf War, Operation Inherent Resolve, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Khobar Towers Bombing, Operation New Dawn, Unified Combat Command, USS Cole Bombing, and Vietnam War. Ultimately, let's uncover KIA bracelets types and their special characteristics.

Cuff KIA bracelets

This sort of KIA bracelets is available in aluminum and stainless-steel versions with black or recessed letters. Aluminum custom cuff bracelets exist in a variety of colors: red, blue, black, green, purple, gold, and silver. This elegant accessory may be chosen as a fine gift especially for veterans. You are free to create your bracelet idea using a name, date, or a memorable quote. The service also suggests a range of icons you can use making it for personal wishes. Despite accessible sizes, it is more likely adjustable: bend the cuff a little and it will shape your arm.

cuff kia bracelets

Leather KIA bracelets

There is a variety of leather bracelets: tan leather bracelet with black letters, black leather custom bracelet with stainless-steel overlay with black letters, and black leather custom bracelet with a colored aluminum overlay with recessed letters. Their quality is fully approved. KIA leather bracelets are made of 100%-genuine leather, undergo 2 weather-resistant processes, and are treated with mink oil. Unlike metal memorial wristbands, all-leather KIA bracelets are designed to be soft and more durable than aluminum ones.

leather kia bracelets

Paracord KIA bracelets

Common in their look, paracord bracelets are accessible in stainless-steel paracord custom bracelet versions with black letters and colored aluminum paracord custom bracelet versions with recessed letters. Paracord colors can be chosen from blue, brown, camo, green, grey, orange, pink, red, and black colors. Besides, you may add some charms listed on the website page.

paracord kia bracelets

KIA dog tags

Created in a minimalistic manner, KIA dog tags appear as stainless-steel dog tags with black letters and a colored aluminum custom dog tag in blue, gold-tone, green, pink, purple, red, and black colors. Being made of thick aluminum, they weigh just a fraction of an ounce.

kia dog tag

KIA bracelets features

This piece of jewelry stands out among the most precious jewels by ITS special wearing purpose. Yet it does not mean that the bracelets do not perform their esthetic functions. Produced in a range of materials, KIA bracelets will perfectly fit your expectations. As a huge plus, you are free to personalize the wristband composing an engraving and additional features as you wish. Many people desire to make a bracelet in memory of their loved ones. This is also acceptable, despite honoring fallen soldiers.


The KIA bracelet is the ideal way to make our heroes memorable. They live as long as we remember them. This meaningful accessory not only complements our outfit but shares the honorable attitude to the war victims with everyone who sees it. Thus KIA bracelets carry a noble mission of honoring the fallen soldiers.



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