Wrap Bracelets – Modest Elegance On Your Wrist

Take a look at the stunning collection of wrap bracelets! The multitude of colors and lengths make them an integral part of everyday looks. But it doesn't mean that you cannot put it on special occasions! They are so practical that it's possible to wear the wrap bracelet with a casual outfit in the afternoon and then complement your evening gown with the same elegant accessory. Do not miss the latest trend and get a wrap bracelet that would underline your unique inner world. Choose your favorite color, bead style, and enjoy amazing jewelry wrapping your arm.

What are the wrap bracelets?

Wrap around bracelets is elegant pieces of jewelry generally made of leather straps and different kinds of beads, chains, and stones that you wrap around your wrist. There are stunning bracelets that are exclusively made of crystals and pearls that add bohemian flair to any outfit. Despite the existence of these expensive accessories, there are many other options to ornate the casual look. For example, you can create this type of accessory on your own, as the process of making the wrap bracelet is not very complicated. DIY bracelets are even better than those you have bought since you imbued the jewelry with your personal energy and emotions, adding the elements you prefer the most. The combination of these factors will open your hidden charm and source of creativity.

Types of the wrap bracelets

The wrap bracelets may be classified according to their length and design. These original accessories are available in a variety of vibrant colors and can be accompanied by gorgeous decoration elements. Can you hardly wait to look at these pieces of glamour and style? Scroll down and enjoy the magnificence of diversity!

Single wrap bracelet

Why are single wrap-around bracelets so popular and beloved? That's because you can combine them with lavishly decorated leather bracelets or creative Shamballa bracelets without having a large stack of accessories on your arm. Single wrap bracelets make you look original and elegant and give a chance for creative imagination.

single wrap bracelets

Double wrap bracelet

Just look at this exquisite jewelry! It does not need any complementations because its form and design are so perfectly mastered that it would become an eye-catching accessory for any outfit. The upper row so elegantly matches the lower one that it creates a humble harmony on your wrist!

double wrap bracelets

Five wrap bracelet

We decided to include this special type of bracelets on the list since it is clear without any words that you will make a really unforgettable impression by wearing this accessory. Five rows of glamorous beads and crystals will look flamboyantly both within the casual, retro, romantic, and glamor styles.

And now, let's find out what are the types of wrap bracelets according to their design and material.

five wrap bracelets

Pearl wrap bracelet

You can choose the pearl bracelet for special occasions in your life, going out to a restaurant, theater, or even wedding! Pearls have always been a symbol of aristocracy and wealth. If you want to complement the pearl wrap bracelet with a suitable accessory, consider pearl dangle earrings and adorable pearl pendants.

pearl wrap bracelets

Leather wrap bracelet

Beautiful leather bracelets are great both for men and women. It gives your outfit an element of elegant brutality and original style. These bracelets are very often accompanied by various charms that have certain symbols. Thus, if you want, for example, to underline your wisdom choose owl image, freedom – horse, transformation – butterfly, hope, and security choose to anchor, and so on. Be yourself and do not be afraid of stylish accessories for unraveling your character.

leather wrap bracelets

Beaded wrap bracelet

It's one of the most popular wrap bracelet types, and many people do not imagine these accessories without colorful beads. These beads of different shapes and charms may perfectly fit any clothing style. The beads are usually made of plastic, glass, lava, and precious gemstones. Do the wrap bracelet on your own using as many gorgeous elements as you wish.

beaded wrap bracelets

Cotton wrap bracelet

It is a great way to use recycled materials and create really beautiful things. This cotton bracelet is an excellent summer accessory. Wrap any kind of fabric around your wrist, add some chains and ropes to make it suitable to any of your outfits.

cotton wrap bracelets

Wrap bracelets features

Modest and exquisite, bright and pale, wrap bracelets are gaining popularity every day. Fashion designers and masters of style create baffling outfits complementing them with these multifaceted accessories. What's great is that any person can make this amazing jewelry on their own with the help of specific materials and creativity.

Choose the bracelet that will make you feel comfortable and at the same time give you a sense of harmony and elegance.



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