Multi-layer jewelry – a way to express imagination

The variety of currently existing neck jewelry is not only impressive, but sometimes confusing. Necklaces, beads, chains, all kinds of pendants and much more – what exactly do you want to wear today with you look? If you’re tired of monotony, then layered necklaces are the best option. One piece that has several layers, or a few items united by a common idea. You can combine necklaces, monistos, medallions or pendants - anything you can imagine or what you spotted in a fashion magazine. Layered necklaces are consistently popular both in everyday life and on pop stars and models posing for the camera.

These decorations are quite practical. To keep them neat and untangled they can be fastened with a pair of hairpins or pins. You can freely wear them around your neck combining completely different items with each other. Some of them will serve as a foundation, while others will stand out against the background creating a contrast. There are a few details you must be aware of while creating a multilayered necklace: the number of jewelry and the distance between them, their length and color, the shape of the neck and face, and the chosen wardrobe. Layered necklaces are versatile and will suit any occasion with the right approach – will it be a seaside evening walk or a red-carpet premier.

 layered necklace

The length of the necklaces is the key to the success of the whole look

While choosing layered necklaces the basic rule is to consider the features of your appearance in the first place. Longer jewelry will make the neck visually longer and elongate the face, while shorter ones, on the contrary, will focus on a specific part of the body. Therefore, for example, choker elements are unlikely to look harmonious on a short plump neck. But by combining several pendants and chains, in this case, you can achieve greater results (with matine or princess length for instance). It is equally important to choose the right clothes so that the jewelry is combined with the neckline but not lost in the fabric.

A variety of elements of layered necklaces allows you to choose any length from a laconic choker to a bold rope and sautoir. The main thing is to adjust so that the products fit together and look appropriate. Keep a balance and do not leave too much space between the layers of the necklace, so that the image does not seem incomplete. Excessive sloppiness won't work either. Layering products on top of each other without observing proportions and gaps of at least a couple of centimeters can look messy and careless.

layered necklace how to wear

Number of items in the decoration

The beauty of layered necklaces is that their volume is limited solely by the «less means more» principle. It looks equally good both with a lot of small chains, as well as with a pair of eye-catching necklaces. As a result, items can be combined in just two or three layers, or they can be combined in a dozen at once, if this suits the image. It is important to be able to harmoniously choose layered necklaces so that attention is focused on one or two elements that stand out from the rest. They will be the «highlight» of the decoration, contrasting with the rest on the background. Remember that «background» decorations should be simple and uncomplicated, without overloading the image.

 layered necklace combination

Combination with the image, color scheme

Layered necklaces are quite versatile. They can either combine several shades at once or be monochrome. It is important though to choose jewelry that does not merge with clothes. They can complement your outfit with a similar palette of colors, as well as contrast with it, adding exactly the shade that is missing.

If you want to focus on the necklace, then you can pick up several pendants and chains for a V-shaped neckline. To dilute the monotony, such elements can be used with pullovers or high-neck jumpers. The colorful layered necklaces pair beautifully with shirts, tops, sportswear and leisure wear. While more delicate or elegant jewelry in neutral shades will suit evening dresses or suits.

 layered necklace lenght

Layered necklaces are the way to go when you want to get creative with your look. Like flowers gathered in a common bouquet, these accessories embellish the neckline and create a single structure. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment. It is the best way to find your own unique style.



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