Simple necklaces – neatness and discreet minimalism

In life, there are often situations when wearing a bright piece of jewelry is not quite appropriate. For example, they simply do not fit some outfits or look out of place at specific events. If you are used to wear jewelry on a daily basis then a simple necklaces is a must-have. 

Simple necklace is a thin chain (or several) with or without a small pendant. Together they make a neat and delicate accessory that will not drag to much attention but compliment the wearer’s taste. In other words, a simple necklace is the kind of jewelry that will not spoil the casualty of your look.

Simple necklaces are a visual choice for those who love minimalism and modesty. There’s even an option to remove a pendant and leave only the chain. The simplicity of this jewelry makes it possible to combine several pieces with each other in two or three layers.

simple necklace

Simple necklaces: materials and benefits

The essence of simple jewelry are conciseness and elegance. That is why pure metals are the most suitable materials for it as they lack unnecessary pretentiousness. Silver or gold are the most used ones, including different variations of pink and white gold. In multilayer versions, such metals can be combined with each other. As for a pendant, then some of the semi-precious stones (quartz or citrine, opal, turquoise, amethyst, etc.) could be the right choice. In some cases, a tiny diamond will also be appropriate. It will not be conspicuous, but will turn a trinket into a real work of art.

Of the advantages of this type of jewelry - you can adjust the length of the chain or easily hide it under clothing. This allows you to wear ordinary necklaces almost constantly without being observed. Simple necklaces, due to their lightness, are even very comfort when you have to sleep with them, take a shower or do other household chores.

Despite the fact that simple necklaces are concise, they can be complicated at the same time. Some people team up with each other to create a layered effect. Such decorations emphasize the elegance of the look. They diversify a plain wardrobe, especially if you combine chains from different metals.

 simple necklace materials

What to combine with simple necklaces?

Their main advantage is that they look beautiful with almost any clothing. After all, their essence is to supplement a look, but not to take attention (unlike, for example, a long rope necklace or a massive necklace with precious stones). Therefore, you can safely wear beautiful jewelry with both casual and business outfits (simple necklaces can even be worn to work!). These jewelries are comfortable, light and often almost not felt on the body. Therefore, they are well suited to summer dresses and blouses. They do not burden the body in hot or cool weather.

simple necklace how to combine

Attention! Treat your jewelry with care. Although the jewelry is durable, it is still delicate. If you don't wear your own necklaces, we recommend storing them in a jewelry box. Avoid contact with alcohols, lotions, sunscreens, etc. Sometimes they can react with acrylic and cause discoloration (not often!). Jewelry is cleaned with a microfiber cloth. It can remove most of the dust, but if not, then a little water will do the trick.

 simple necklace benefits

Simple necklaces are the sweet spot between «too few» and «too much». The neutral composition of this jewelry turns into a synonym for the word «versatility». If you don't know what piece of jewelry is perfect for an office shirt, vacation dress, or even a swimsuit, feel free to stick with this option. Simple necklaces with cute pendants will emphasize your femininity and fragility. This product is exactly what is selected for the outfit, and not vice versa.



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