Shell Bracelets Trends Of 2022

Shell bracelets are not a new trend. And the peak of its popularity came in the nineties of the last century. However, fashion tends to repeat itself, and now seashell jewelry is especially popular. Usually associated with beach themes, shell bracelets can now be applied to almost any kind of outfit at any time of year. And this is proven by the fact that this jewelry is increasingly appearing at fashion shows and celebrity images. So what is that that makes these gifts of the sea so attractive? Let's learn more about the meaning of shell jewelry and stylish ways to wear it.

Meaning of the shells

Like every kind of jewelry, shells are not an exception and they also have a deeper meaning behind them. And if you thought that all shells are the same - you are wrong. There are different types of seashells and they are all special in appearance and meaning. Shell bracelets can have a positive effect on certain areas of life, depending on their types. Moreover, they can also influence your mood and state of feelings. So before you discover the ways of how to wear shell bracelets, see what meaning they carry behind them.

Puka shells

Being the most popular and recognizable kind of seashells, Puka shells come from Hawaii and translate to “holes”. It is believed that mollusks lived there and then they died and the shells became empty. But this is not a bad sign and it does not affect the wearer of such jewelry. On the contrary, Puka shells were used by sailors as amulets for protection on the sea. And if someone found a Puka shell, it was considered good luck. Also, an important element is the size and symmetry of the Puka shells. The more symmetrical they are with each other, the better. Therefore, when choosing a bracelet from a bunch of shells, look for the most identical shells.

Cowrie shells

You will be surprised to learn that once in ancient Africa Cowrie shells were used as currency. Therefore, this is the first sign that these sea gifts are very valuable. Also, this type of shell means femininity and fertility, so women are especially recommended to buy a bracelet with Cowrie shells. Another added value is prosperity and wealth, so you can bring well-being by wearing this jewelry.

Shelter shells

Shelter shells served as homes for crabs. After these creatures leave their shells, they become a very meaningful accessory. Since they are usually larger in size, they differ from all other shell types. By wearing a bracelet with Shelter shells you can prolong your patience and resilience watch are the two characteristics of crabs.

Scallop shells

While at sea, you could easily find Scallop shells in the sand. Therefore, they are a classic example of seashells in the jewelry world. This type of shell is a special symbol of pilgrims. The fact is that they associate the line on these shells as their roads that always lead to the destination. Also, Scallop shells can be symbols of fertility and love.

Conch shells

The Conch shell is the most luxurious and massive kind of shell. This shell is especially revered by Buddhists. Some claim that the god Vishu is depicted holding a Сonch shell. It is also believed to transmit the sounds of the universe, so wearing a bracelet with Conch shells will bring you closer to the spirit world.

Trends for wearing shell bracelets in 2022

Now that you know all about the types of shells and their meaning, it's time to learn how to combine this jewelry to look stylish. And when choosing a favorite trend, always follow the rules of balance. Don't mix different trends to look more fashionable. Experiment and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Add shell bracelets to your office outfit

Don’t you think that you can diversify your strict office dress code with a beach theme? We bet you can! Feel free to wear a delicate bracelet with shells to the jacket. These accessories are also very harmoniously combined with shirts. Dress so that the shell bracelet only dilutes your outfit while maintaining its austerity.

Add shell bracelets to your office outfit

Wear this sea accessory with jeans

Another way to stylishly wear seashell bracelets is to pair them with jeans. It looks especially fashionable with baggy jeans and a light shirt. You can also wear seashell bracelets with massive denim jackets. They will add contrast to your outfit and emphasize your personality.

Wear this sea accessory with jeans

Combine shell bracelets with pearls

If you want to combine seashell bracelets with some other kind of jewelry, it must be pearls. They can be as a combination in one bracelet or even as two separate bracelets. Pearls perfectly dilute the harmony of shells and remain delicate in this combination. It is important to choose white pearls for this trend, but you can also pay attention to multicolored pearls if you are bold to the challenges of fashion.

Combine shell bracelets with pearls

Bring some seashells to your winter outfits

While it always seems that seashell jewelry may be appropriate for summer and spring, they also go well with winter outfits. Wear this jewelry in combination with coats and knitted sweaters. Delicate shells are able to turn the image with knitted sweaters into an extraordinary outfit because it looks very unusual and impressive. In this trend, your task will be not to mix styles, so that the summer repertoire was not too flashy for winter.

Bring some seashells to your winter outfits

Take a look at massive shell bracelets

It is very trendy in 2022 to wear extremely large shell jewelry. So far, this trend is only gaining momentum, but you may be the first to implement it. Due to the size of the jewelry, of course, you will not be able to put it on every day because it is not practical to wear. But you can wear a huge seashell bracelet with an elegant black dress and impress everyone at a social gathering.

Take a look at massive shell bracelets

Put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and a shell bracelet

What could be a more harmonious combination like a Hawaiian shirt and a seashell? Its color motif and diverse prints will be able to look beautiful with a delicate shell bracelet. It's time to choose a bracelet from Puka shells, which, as we have already mentioned, come from Hawaii. That's why this couple was created to be together!

Put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and a shell bracelet

Go for black clothes

The contrast in an outfit is always fashionable. And you can make such a contrast if you wear an item of clothing in black and dilute it with white shells. Since black is always about elegance, white shells are about lightness and ease.

Go for black clothes

Don’t forget about beach vibes

And of course, we could not forget that the shell bracelets are an integral part of beach outfits. They will always be in trend, no matter the year or fashion. In this case, you can combine the bracelets as you wish. You can wear a delicate and tiny bracelet, and you can wear multiple shell bracelets on both hands.

Dont forget about beach vibes

Last words about shell bracelets

As you see, shell bracelets can be worn in multiple outfits and for different seasons. They are affordable, stylish, and meaningful jewelry that should be in the jewelry box of every fan of fashion.




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