Show Your Identity With a Woven Bracelet

If you are looking for a nice accessory for your hand, that is neither too bulky nor too heavy, then the woven bracelet is made right for you! Each woven bracelet is a unique item that can become an original complement to your daily look and, which is more, it can also become a memorable symbol of the unforgettable moments of your life.

In this article, we will look deeper at the origin of woven bracelets and discover the diverse types. After that, you will be able to find the most suitable option to wear for any occasion. So, let’s get it started!

What is a Woven bracelet?

A woven bracelet also called a friendship bracelet, is a decorative hand accessory that appeared in the 1980s in Guatemala and was then brought to the United States for use in various occasions, meanings, and symbolic uses. The origin of some of these colorful knots can be traced back to V-III century BC.

Their growing popularity has lead to a new name of the woven bracelets appeared - the friendship bracelets. The reason for this is the tradition of one friend tying a bracelet on another as a symbol of their lifelong friendship, with a secret wish made at that moment. It is to be worn until it’s worn out and falls off on its own. It is also said that the moment at which the woven bracelet gifted by a friend falls off without any reason, the wish should come true.

So far, that still remains not only a symbol of friendship but also a great accessory people wear to show their identity or accomplish their look. Along with that, the woven bracelets have been modified by using different materials, glass or ceramic beads, silver and gold fittings, etc.

Styles of the Woven bracelets

Now, let’s dive into the styles you might have come across in different accessory shops, online stores, and the people around you. As a rule, the woven bracelets are handmade accessories, that’s why you can barely see the two identical items with the same patterns, beads, and fittings. But which one fits best for you?

One color Woven bracelets

If you’re a big fan of the monochrome colors or need to harmoniously fit the woven bracelet to your look, then it’s the right option for you. It is a simple but stylish item that can be worn on its own, or else combined with the other bracelets, rings, and other accessories.

one-color woven bracelet

Besides, instead of the color accent, you can pay attention to the material of a bracelet: it can be leather, cloth, specific beading wire, or waxed braided thread. As a result, even the same braiding style will look different because of the material it is made of. As Leonardo da Vinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Multicolor Woven bracelets

If you prefer wearing more colors on your hand, the best variant for you is to choose the multicolor woven bracelet. The best feature of it is that you can pick up different colors for your future accessory, choose your favorite ones or mix them in a unique pattern. Furthermore, multiple colors allow you to create the extraordinary variants of the bracelets - so all you want to portray, like names or symbols - whatever you want.

multicolor woven bracelet

As you can see, by combining the extraordinary colors and unusual patterns it is so easy to make your accessory that special. Needless to say, it can become a perfect handcrafted gift for your friends or people you love.

Leather Woven bracelets

For those who appreciate classic style and don’t want to draw too much attention to your accessories, it’s better to choose leather bracelets. Warm brown, cold gray, or classic black - these bracelets will never be out of fashion! The leather woven bracelets can perfectly fit any style - formal, casual, or street, they can be easily worn for any occasion of your life. And, after you’re trying this once, you will never want to take it off your hand!

leather woven bracelet

So, if you thought the woven bracelets are too boring or completely childish - you haven’t seen these items before. For sure, that’s a great option for wearing on a daily basis.

Woven bracelets with words

Looking for a more customized item that will become a symbol of a specific event in your life? The woven bracelet with words can be the right option of how to unite the people with one simple item.


For instance, these nice bracelets made for the camp team can become the eternal symbol of the common memories in your life. The same thing can be done with the friendship bracelets: you can make two identical woven bracelets for your and your friends as a nice reminder of the best moments spent with each other.

Woven bracelets with ceramic beads

Last but not least, if you’re a big fan of bracelets with beads, you can pick up the woven bracelet with ceramic or glass beads. That type has various braiding techniques and different kinds of beads for creating the most extraordinary accessories. In addition to choosing the specific colors or strings, you can also choose the beads of natural stones or include some interesting silver or golden fittings to your bracelet.

woven bracelet with ceramic beads

As you can see, the bracelet will not only become a nice representation of your identity but also can include some kinds of your favorite stones or your favorite beads that will always be with you.


Monotone or multicolor, made of leather or with unusual beads - the woven bracelet can become an important part of your daily look. Perfect for any occasion and any style, you can wear one or easily combine it into a nice set of bracelets! Furthermore, the woven bracelets can become a unique part of your life if worn to honor the exact moment you want always keep in your memory. So, why are you waiting for your order? Get yours right now!



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