Turquoise Wrap Bracelets To Brighten Up Your Summer Days

Trendy as never before, turquoise wrap bracelets in boho style maintain top positions in fashion and beauty stores and are true bestsellers hard to beat. This popularity derives from a combination of fortunate factors all leading to a huge success of the bracelets. Let’s find out what makes people adore turquoise wrap bracelets this much!

Why wear a turquoise wrap bracelet?

A wrap bracelet is a type of bracelet whose basis is rather wide; its peculiar feature lies in its relatively high weight and an abundance of decorative details on the item. On top of that, there is a huge difference between a modest, thin bracelet and a wide, massive wrap one. Therefore, if you find yourself into big accessories that will help you attract others’ attention, wrap bracelets should be your choice.

But what about the color? Why is turquoise so trendy and popular with people of all ages? The answer lies on the surface: this vibrant shade of greenish-blue makes a bright contribution to any outfit.

turquoise wrap bracelet1

That’s right, just think about it: what could be a better choice for a summer outfit than a color that reminds you of mesmerizing sea waves and clear blue sky? A turquoise accessory will turn your look into a vivid, extremely fresh outfit that radiates summer vibes.

Types of turquoise wrap bracelets

You will be dazed at the variety of wrap bracelets with turquoise decorative elements available to any person today. Let’s take a look at the most popular variations of a turquoise wrap bracelet; perhaps you will find the perfect option for you!

Beaded turquoise wrap bracelets

These charming bracelets make one of the hottest offers on the market. It seems like beaded boho bracelets will never fall out of fashion since they serve as an elegant accessory that adds vivid colors to your look. You can change the most beautiful combination of gemstones used in your bracelet for a perfect match.

beaded turquoise wrap bracelet

Speaking of beaded turquoise wrap bracelets specifically, they will perfectly complement a hippy style or any attire that aims to convey a message of freedom, weightlessness, and playfulness. These bracelets are easily matched with other pieces of jewelry as well.

They can also boast several layers of turquoise beads exclusively, which gives the bracelet a highly saturated color and makes it impossible for a person to keep their eyes off the accessory.

Leather turquoise wrap bracelets

Another extravagant alternation of a wrap bracelet, soft leather bracelets are quite convenient and unproblematic to wear. Leather wrap bracelets with turquoise decorative items will go well with a casual outfit, although the most experienced fashion gurus will find a way to implement them into formal attire.

leather turquoise wrap bracelet

Deep earthly colors of leather and vibrant turquoise makes a well-balanced combination appealing to the human eyes. In fact, this is one of the trendiest color unions of the last decade. Well, now you know what to do to stay in the loop!


Natural stone turquoise wrap bracelet

This option looks a bit different from the previous variants; it has a bangle basis in its core, usually some threads or leather strings, and a rather big semi-precious stone, which is turquoise. Plenty of elements make this type of bracelet stand on a heavier side, although it is still bearable.

gemstone turquoise wrap bracelet

The main advantage of the accessory is the inimitable beauty of an unprocessed turquoise located in the heart of the bracelet. You will find yourself lost in thoughts just adoring all the little cracks and curves of the stone. Thus, if your goal is to stand out by just wearing a bracelet, be sure to check out wrap bracelets with a turquoise stone.

Wrap bracelets with turquoise and another gemstone

A truly powerful combination of two astonishing precious or semi-precious stones will brighten up your jewelry routine! Turquoise will look just great with various gemstones, like the tiger’s eye, quartz, moonstone, and many other options.

opal turquoise wrap bracelet

By combining two majestic crystals within one bracelet, you double the beauty and charm of the accessory. This way, you can look for or create yourself an extraordinary accessory that only you will possess.

Turquoise wrap bracelets with additional details

One more fun way to get yourself a bracelet that would look out-of-the-ordinary is choosing one with some extra decorative items attached to the bracelet’s basis. Again, no limitations here; it could be a tiny feather, a Christian cross, a cute heart, or literally anything you like.

feathers turquoise wrap bracelet

Such a bracelet will not only have an aesthetic value but also convey a meaning that you attribute to it. A turquoise wrap bracelet that is close in appearance to a charm bracelet will make an exquisite birthday or anniversary present.

How to stylize turquoise wrap bracelets

A cause of heated debates among fashion gurus, many people claim that bracelets boasting unusual saturated colors are hard to combine with most types of clothing. But we don’t think so, and this is why!

A turquoise stone that naturally has quite a vivid color can be implemented into an every-day casual outfit at ease. Plain monochrome items of clothing will go perfectly well with a greenish-blue gemstone; moreover, adding turquoise to such an outfit would prevent it from looking boring, too pale, or ordinary.

turquoise wrap bracelet with jeans

Make sure you try out wearing a turquoise bracelet with nice greyish-blue jeans to visually emphasize both elements of your look and make blue a leading color in the outfit. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and add several different bright colors to your look simultaneously.

For instance, a turquoise bracelet and a yellow scarf will create a decent color balance provided your top and bottom are of pastel colors so that you don’t overdo it. Still, turquoise can be mixed with red, pink, and green; you just need to work out the right combination to accentuate your natural beauty and your individual color palette.

In summary, turquoise wrap bracelets appear to be a rather universal type of accessory that will look especially vibrant and stunning on a sunny day. Let turquoise fill your day with positivity and help you overcome all the difficulties on your way to success and happiness!



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