Swarovski Bracelets for Your Extraordinary Everyday Style

The magical world of Swarovski has admired jewelry lovers since 1895 when Daniel Swarovski founded the company. Now, it is a great jewelry empire ruled by the fifth family generation with 3,000 stores in 170 countries. People worldwide know about magnificent Swarovski crystals that are used not only for jewelry items but also decorations: bowls, frames, candle handlers, and many others. Just imagine, the company produces glass sculptures, miniatures, rhinestones, and chandeliers. Why do people so love these accessories? That’s because their creator had the aim to make diamonds affordable for everyone with the help of glass-cutting. Their logo changed several times from the edelweiss flower to the swan logo, which is used up to now. Want to find more gripping facts about Swarovski accessories? Move on to discover the bracelets world.

What is a Swarovski bracelet?

A Swarovski bracelet is an elegant accessory that will make its owner feel and be startling. These bracelets are designed using special techniques such as pointing, beading, pave, and bezel, making every crystal perfect. Every detail is handcrafted, so their quality is indisputable, as the creative process is fully done by hand: starting from design sketches and ending with assembling. Swarovski bracelets are also a great choice if you're looking for allergy-free metal jewelry and do not have a big budget. These bracelets are designed to make women around the world happier. Craftsmen continue the tradition of crystal cutting, but every day they work on new designs, shades, and sizes to impress jewelry lovers. These fabulous crystals reflect different light tints depending on their saturation. Swarovski bracelet is an excellent present for significant life events, and a means to give yourself the satisfaction of being the star. People won’t be able to divert their eyes from a stylish look complemented with a posh accessory. Can’t stand finding out more about Swarovski bracelets? We suggest you explore their types.

Swarovski bracelet types

The jewelry brand offers customers four main bracelet types, and we compiled a short description of each of them below. Do not hesitate to read all the information and choose your Swarovski bracelet. We are sure that every lady can find her own accessory that will underline her attractiveness and inner charm.

Bangle and cuff Swarovski bracelets

Glamorous Swarovski cuffs and bangles collection is available in a variety of platings and impresses ladies with a sparkling selection of exclusive jewelry items. This bracelet type perfectly matches casual looks and gives its owner feel charming on a daily basis. Cuff and bangle bracelets are mostly beloved by young women who need more freedom in their self-expression. You can easily stack different bracelets, but the Swarovski is their core element. You can find more absorbing facts about cuffs in our article that will help you familiarize yourself with their specialty more closely.

bangle and cuff Swarovski bracelets

Chain Swarovski bracelets

Chain and link bracelets are one of the most popular among modern fashionista due to their comfort and practicality. Swarovski chain accessories are characterized by a special feature - crystals. They may be incrusted in the bracelet itself or find their place on decorative elements. A chain bracelet is a gorgeous gift for a close person, reflecting your appreciation and love.

chain Swarovski bracelets

Adjustable Swarovski bracelets

The adjustable bracelet enables its wearers to adjust the accessory to the size of their wrist. It is perfect for miniature ladies or a great idea to make a present for your child. Adjustable Swarovski bracelets impress us with a variety of styles and designs. Unusual decorative elements will not leave anyone cold. If you want to stand out and manifest the world with immediacy, choose a Swarovski bracelet.

adjustable Swarovski bracelets

Tennis Swarovski bracelets

Women with an eye for exquisite details shout to pay attention to modest tennis bracelets. The crystals are so accurately assembled and have impressive beauty that you begin to feel like a queen or princess. The tennis bracelet has been one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2020, and it’ll continue to occupy leading positions for 2021 and beyond. Tennis Swarovski bracelets are famous for their versatility and the possibility to feel free and forget about a precious accessory on your wrist. But people will definitely notice such a treasure on your wrist and be admired by your splendor.

tennis Swarovski bracelets

Swarovski crystals history and fame

Daniel Swarovski, the company founder, created an electric cutting machine for the mass production of crystal glass in 1891. Four years later, the company established a crystal-cutting factory. Swarovski wanted to create "a diamond for everyone" by making crystals affordable. They also produced the crystal grinding and polishing tools that were used for different purposes. Swarovski Optik manufactures optical instruments such as binoculars and telescopes.

It’s fascinating to know that Swarovski crystal has featured such legendary films as Titanic, Skyfall, Black Swan, The Greatest Showman, Bohemian Rhapsody. Swarovski was presented at many Fashion Weeks around the world: Paris, New York, London. Madonna, Rihanna, and Michael Jackson wore clothes adorned with Swarovski crystals during their music tours.

How to care for a Swarovski bracelet?

All Swarovski bracelets are traditionally crafted and require delicate care. The bracelet metal is plated and their crystals are individually set. Consequently, you need to clean your accessory very carefully, paying attention to each detail. We suggest you follow special rules of cleaning Swarovski bracelets:

  • Store your accessory in the original packaging or a soft jewelry box to prevent the bracelet from scratches.
  • Polish your bracelet frequently with a soft cloth to maintain its glossy finish. 
  • Take off a bracelet before contact with water or applying cosmetic products, as this could harm the metal and make discoloration lose its crystal brilliance.
  • Put on an accessory after you’re dressed and remove it before undressing.
  • Avoid hard contact that may cause crystal scratching or chipping.


You can see that these bracelets’ main feature is in their possibility to be an adornment to a star gown and a casual outfit. Swarovski crystals allow women to magnify their beauty and shine with this splendid accessory. Forget about any insecurities and be yourself, a better version of yourself with a Swarovski bracelet. 



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