Seattle Seahawks Bracelets - A True Fan's Accessory

Jewelry is a universal means of self-expression that can be used for a variety of purposes. Apart from having some aesthetic value, every accessory can also have some specific meaning and symbolize whatever the owner wishes it to. That’s exactly the case with Seattle seahawks bracelets!

Seattle seahawks bracelets make a token of support toward the football team of the same name. Possessing a bracelet in the colors of the team’s uniform is characteristic of fans of Seattle Seahawks. If you fall under this group and want to purchase a symbolic accessory to always keep your favorite team close, this article is for you.

seahawks bracelet

What is Seattle Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks is a renowned football team based in Seattle, Washington that takes part in the National Football League as a member of the West division. Their first session dates back to 1976, while the team itself was founded two years earlier.

The team’s distinctive colors include action green, wolf grey, and college navy. This well-balanced combination makes it simple for viewers to memorize the team visually from seeing these cold but vivid shades.

seattle seahawks logo

Seattle Seahawks boast an impressive fan base throughout the US, which makes thematic accessories related to the team so in-demand. Their popularity led to the emergence of Seattle seahawks bracelets that are easy to find online or make with your own hands; the only restriction here is that the bracelet has the same colors as the team’s uniform.

Types of Seattle seahawks bracelets

Now that everyone knows the story behind the bracelet’s peculiar name, we can finally dig into various types of Seattle seahawks bracelets. Let’s go!

Seattle seahawks paracord bracelets

One of the most durable types of bracelet, paracord ones are made of extremely thick cords that are interwoven and serve the owner at least several years. Although their design makes paracord bracelets look heavy and overall massive, they are, in fact, perfectly comfortable to wear.

seattle seahawks paracord bracelets

Irrespective of the accessory’s rather brutal design, paracord bracelets will be a viable option for both male and female fans of the football team. Kids will surely love them too!

Seattle seahawks woven bracelets

These make a great DIY kind of yarn bracelet that you can either purchase online or weave at home just following the instructions of a tutorial. However, the logo in the form of an eagle might be challenging to make if you’re a beginner; so, in this case, buying a bracelet would eliminate the problem.

woven seattle seahawks bracelet

Usually, you will find Seattle Seahawks’ logo woven in a bracelet; surely, the colors would be the same as in the uniform. Such an embellishment will add vibrant shades to any outfit.

Braided Seattle seahawks bracelets

It takes little effort and experience to make a braided bracelet with some basic supplies at home. Still, there is a vast range of such bracelets available in shops, so you don’t have to do much if handicraft is not your scene.

braided seattle seahawks bracelet

Lightweight minimalist bracelets are just right to wear during the match as they won’t distract you from fan-related activities like hand-raising and five-giving. It is also a top-notch solution if you fear to lose your accessory during the match. Braided bracelets are rather affordable so you will be able to buy a new one.

Seattle seahawks beaded bracelets

The popularity of beaded bracelets is steadily increasing, which allows you to choose a perfect bracelet from a huge variety of beaded bracelet options. If you wish to own a Seattle seahawks bracelet made of beads, just look it up and you will find numerous offers of any design possible.

seattle seahawks beaded bracelet

Beaded bracelets are famous for their sophisticated appearance and vibrant colors that beads tend to boast. If you want to stand out with a bracelet that has saturated tints to it, don’t hesitate and get yourself a beaded Seattle seahawks bracelet.

Seattle seahawks wish bracelets

If you and your friend or significant other happen to be big fans of the team, a wish bracelet with tiny charms in the shape of Seahawks’ logo or a player’s number would make an amazing gift! A true fan will highly appreciate, that’s for sure.

seattle seahawks wish bracelet1

A wish bracelet has its name for a reason: when you put the bracelet on for the first time, you make a wish; when your bracelet tears apart after you wear it for a while, your wish may come true. So, if you want to appear romantic, pay attention to Seattle seahawks wish bracelets.

Seattle seahawks leather bracelets

Incredibly soft and adjustable leather bracelets will not only remind you of the favorite team but also spice up your outfit. If you strive to look extravagant and out-of-the-ordinary, a nice, high-quality leather bracelet should come in handy.

leather seattle seahawks bracelets

Green and navy colors look great on smooth leather strips. This color combination contributes to the complete look of the bracelet as well, which makes it a decent stand-alone adornment.

Seattle seahawks wrap bracelets

Those of you fond of wide and massive embellishments that have a specific meaning should check these out. Wrap bracelets made in a Seattle seahawks theme look rather appealing to the fans and attract the attention of people around you.

seattle seahawks wrap bracelet

Wrap bracelets come in a vast range of designs making it possible for you to pick the most suitable option. Although oftentimes slightly more expensive than most previous types of bracelets, Seattle seahawks wrap bracelets will stay with you for a really long time; these are certainly worth investing in.

These were some common designs of Seattle seahawks bracelets that you might find interesting. We hope you now know for sure what type of bracelet you want to get as the team’s fan!



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