The trendiest of them all - VSCO bracelets will make you stand out

VSCO makes one of the most popular online platforms to edit and upload your pictures; it is especially famous with young people who tend to like vivid colors and extraordinary designs perfect to draw others’ attention to their outfit.

Another peculiarity of VSCO users’ style is the showing off with their handmade, unique bracelets that have acquired a corresponding name, VSCO bracelets. Let’s discuss what makes this type of accessory so special and why teenagers are so passionate about making VSCO bracelets.

Where did the concept of VSCO bracelets come from?

The term VSCO bracelet resulted from the emerging of a closely-related term, VSCO Girl. To make the long story short, a VSCO Girl is a female in her 20-s that shares a whole set of features also common for E-girls and Tumblr girls. These include:

  • Summer and beach aesthetics
  • Scrunchies
  • Over-sized clothing
  • Shell-necklace
  • Pura Vida bracelets
  • Crocs with pins
  • Birkenstock
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Environmentalism

vsco girl starter pack

If you want to become part of this virtual society and implement the features of the VSCO-Girl’s lifestyle, you really do not want to miss any detail of this peculiar image, including the renowned VSCO-bracelets.

What do VSCO bracelets look like?


This is a simple question if you have studied all the peculiarities of VSCO-Girl’s style in-depth. As mentioned before, they have to give extremely positive summer vibes, therefore, possess bright colors characteristic to that season of the year.

VSCO bracelets look rather similar to friendship bracelets; basically, they just have two different names for the same type of bracelets. These are braided accessories made of colorful yarn threads or strings that anyone could do at home or purchase in dozens of online stores; still, you can go for a more sophisticated piece of jewelry and make macrame silver bracelets with tiny silver beads.

Why wear VSCO bracelets

Many of you may be wondering, what are the reasons to follow the trends of the virtual world and become an authentic VSCO girl with the remarkable attribute that is VSCO bracelets.

Firstly, the process of embroidery and braiding enhances your brain activity and helps you develop multiple skills connected to fine motor skills. Being good at these activities leads to a boost in your intellectual performance, which is overall what many strive to achieve.

The second reason is quite obvious and lies on the surface – teenagers tend to be looking for attention and recognition among their peers, which is exactly what vivid colorful accessories provide to you. They serve as a key to a certain social group and subculture, where wearing a VSCO bracelet on your wrist would mean keeping up with other representatives of the generation. It will also give you a sense of belonging and help find likeminded people.

Last but not least, the prevailing minority of the VSCO bracelets are adjustable, which enables you to have one without worrying about finding the right size for your wrist.

Since we have now agreed that it is very beneficial to possess at least one VSCO bracelet, let’s proceed to look at the most commonly worn types of VSCO bracelets.

Types of VSCO bracelets

Let’s dive deeper into the choice of VSCO bracelets available on the market and the categories of these trendy accessories.

Crafted woven VSCO bracelets


A total best-seller in the realm of bright teenage accessories, woven VSCO bracelets are incredibly convenient to wear due to their small weight. Unlike heavy metallic chains, crafted woven bracelets feel like a feather on your wrist so that you can enjoy your daily activities as usual.

Another advantage of this type of bracelet is the variety of patterns they boast. The diversity is truly surprising, and it seems like there is a perfect bracelet to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.

Woven VSCO bracelets may also be associated with the culture of indigenous people, so if you want to celebrate some traditional peculiarities of your folk, don’t hesitate to pay attention to these marvelous accessories.

Beaded VSCO bracelets

bracelet with words

If you experience nostalgia after the good old days and wish to bring them back, give beaded bracelets a go! These will surely trigger some warm childhood memories and make you dwell on things that really matter to you.

What makes beaded VSCO bracelets even more special is that they are easily customizable and you can create a unique masterpiece for yourself or give it to someone as an unusual present. It is possible to have the bracelet beaded according to your specific needs, with certain colors and name beads present in the accessory.

One extra upside of beaded VSCO bracelets is the highly durable colors that won’t fade away for a very long time; only a few materials could compete with this ever-lasting brightness. Beaded bracelets are waterproof as well, which allows you to be active underwater, in the sea, or a pool.

Shell VSCO bracelets

3.jpg q50

There is no way VSCO girls could do without magnificent shells in their toolbox! Those are a key part of the whole image, and adding shells to your accessories will take your outfit to a brand new level. Beach jewelry will add freshness to your appearance; the balance of bright-colored threads and white or ivory shells makes a decent fashionable combination to experiment with.

Tie Dye VSCO bracelets

tie dye bracelet

The mania of tie dye clothes has spread all over the world. Millions of people have already tried making an extraordinary piece of clothing by dying it with bleach or some color at home. Now, it’s time to go further and alter the way we wear accessories, too.

These bracelets make a truly break-through niche in the world of accessories! They are bright, comfortable to wear, light-weight, versatile, and merely trendy. Why opt for tie dye bracelets? They share these impressive features:

  • Variety of patterns and colors
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Light-weight accessory
  • Versatile style item
  • Incredibly trendy

If you don’t want to fall behind, get yourself a tie dye VSCO bracelet, and don’t forget to show the world you are in the loop.

These were the most popular types of VSCO bracelets that young people these days seem to be mad about. Now it’s your turn to brighten up your daily routine by adding these fancy accessories to your outfit!



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