Universal Bracelets That Suit Any Occasion

Everyone at least once in their life felt like it's time for a change in their wardrobe. The outfits you got used to are no longer giving you joy. Maybe you've decided to change your style completely! The collection of bracelets of numerous styles, materials, and colors may become a viable solution to these problems.

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While there are so many bracelets to choose from on the market these days, we decided to gather a couple of basic tips on how to complement various types of outfits with stylish, trendy bracelets. Everyone will find a bracelet to suit their taste!

We will be choosing the bracelet according to an event or occasion we are going to attend – casual venues, a day at the office wearing your working attire, and going out for a festive event. This way, it might be easier for you to create outfits and match clothes with jewelry, namely bracelets.

cuff bracelet with diamonds

Bracelets for casual outfits and daily wear

Casual days are a perfect time to express yourself without any limitations. No one can say a word when you're just having rest and enjoying yourself, unlike the office settings.

Some brilliantly matched extraordinary bracelets will surely make a decent option to brighten your look in such a situation. It could be a sentimental charm bracelet to radiate some romantic and tender vibes and create an atmosphere of a date; sentimental jewelry goes perfectly well with day dresses, jeans jumpsuits, skirts, and overall any type of clothes depending on the color palette.

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Bracelets with pink semi-precious stones make a great alternative to expensive diamond jewelry. They will make a top-notch contribution to your romantic look and add some pastel or saturated color to your attire.

An extravagant, eye-catching statement bracelet will make a stand-alone piece of jewelry to make the center of your attire. These are usually massive bracelets with plenty of details and decorative items to them. They tend to boast vibrant colors too so that you don't have to take much effort choosing the clothes.

statement bracelet on wrist

It would be best to match a statement bracelet with some plain clothes if you want to preserve balance in the outfit. However, if an out-of-the-ordinary look with many details and accents is what you are looking for, then go ahead and experiment with it!

Then there is unique-style jewelry. Give your favorite set of jeans and calm top a new life by adding some colorful flash and glitter or go for some leather or wood texture. If you try to combine different bracelets’ types on your wrist for your daily outfit you may achieve great results by adding some flirty vibes by that multi-textured look. Go for a wrap bracelet for some extra fun.

wood leather bracelets

Bracelets for workplace dress code

Getting through a not-that-easy workday with a frustrating routine can be a true burden and affect your mood. Nonetheless, there is a solution. It can become easier when you really enjoy what you are wearing and love looking in the mirror that day!

We all know that working attire and dress codes may sometimes make it difficult to keep the look you love. This is where you'll have to look for some compromise and sneaky ways to bend the laws.

For instance, you could add some pieces of fashion jewelry to your business suit. Sterling silver bracelets are just perfect for the day at the office, as well as modest and sophisticated rose gold cuff bracelets. Personalized charm bracelets will elegantly complement your conservative dress. Monochrome beaded bracelets created to resemble precious metals are fun and suitable for office wear too.

rose gold cuff bracelet

Bracelets for special festive occasions

Speaking about formal and festive events, it is always exciting to dress up for those, although choosing proper accessories might sometimes become a stressful chore due to the overwhelming variety of jewelry options at our disposal. Be sure that bracelets are here to help you out. They are an excellent choice for dressy events.

Go for an elegant pearl bracelet or shell bracelet with your favorite black dress to get that sophisticated but playful and less formal look you might be searching for. That way the outfit won't be boring or predictable.

pearl gold bracelet

Alternatively, you could add some luxury and poshness with mesmerizing gemstone bracelets. Just make sure you have chosen only one accessory as a focal point and you are fine. Picking the right diamond to accentuate your unique personality may also feel challenging, so you may want to get acquainted with all types of crystals before getting to purchase a piece of jewelry with a gemstone.

We hope our tips helped you create new combinations of clothes and bracelets for any type of occasion. Fashion is easier as it may appear, just see for yourself!



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