What Are Allergy Bracelets and How to Choose One?

In the US alone, more than 50 million people suffer from allergies. Sometimes allergies can be barely noticeable, sometimes their symptoms may result in a serious emergency. If you have an allergy, even a mild one, consider carrying around an allergy bracelet. It does not have a magical healing power like healing bracelets but it may save your life in an emergency. Keep reading and find out how.

What is an Allergy bracelet?

An allergy bracelet (or allergy alert ID bracelet) is a bracelet with crucial information about your health. In case when you are unconscious or unable to talk, an allergy bracelet may help doctors determine your diagnosis quicker, give medication that will not harm you further through allergy, or find your first respondents. Normally, an allergy bracelet includes such information:


You have to state what you are allergic to (bees, peanuts, metals, some kind of drugs, etc.

Possible treatment

Stating medication or other kinds of treatment for the allergy will spare paramedics precious time or will guide non-medicines on what to do if you have an emergency.


Name can help paramedics find your electronic health record for further details about medical history or identify you for hospital check-ins.

Emergency contact

An emergency contact is the second number strangers will call after 911. Emergency contacts may provide more information about your medical history or simply pick you up if needed.

You can also add such information as what medication you take regularly if there is one and provide treatment restrictions. Sometimes people go for medical alert ID bracelets where allergy is only a part of the inscription. In medical alert bracelets, people also state their chronic diseases.

allergy bracelet features

Features of Allergy bracelets

Because of its main purpose, providing critical information about you at any time, allergy bracelets have to include such features as:


An allergy bracelet is not something you can randomly buy at the shop or order from the mass market. It is highly unlikely that you will stumble upon a bracelet with the same name, allergies, and emergency as you have. Consequently, allergy bracelets should be ordered in advance to put a personal inscription.


An allergy bracelet is supposed to be on your hand all the time. Consequently, you might want to choose a piece of jewelry that will not fall apart after a month.


Once again, you will wear the bracelet at all times so make sure you order the right size and materials. Also, take a look at the clasp: you might want to take the bracelet off when you shower or sleep and if you have no one to take it off, it is better to go for easy clasps or open cuffs.


The information on the bracelet must be easily recognizable. Consequently, good allergy bracelets usually have a clear font (nothing too fancy) and a high-quality print that does not fade with time. The font color should be contrasting as well.

Types of Allergy bracelets

Usually, an inscription is written on the metal badge. The band can be manufactured from different materials, for instance.

Metal Allergy bracelets

Metal bands usually look more classy, especially if it is golden or has a form of the chain.

metal allergy bracelets

Woven band Allergy bracelets

Woven band is preferred by kids because it has a variety of colors to choose from. However, people who are allergic to metals may also consider this option.

woven band allergy bracelets

Braided leather Allergy bracelets

Leather is more comfortable than metal, great for those who have allergies to metal, and can be a great compliment to some styles. It will probably not look good with official suits though.

braided leather allergy bracelets

Silicone Allergy bracelets

This option is great for kids, people of an active lifestyle, or people with allergies to metal.

silicone allergy bracelets

Things to consider while choosing an allergy bracelet

It is not only the inscription that is customizable. You will carry an allergy bracelet with you all the time so you have to choose something that fits your lifestyle and preferences.


If you are leading a rather active lifestyle, you might want to go for a difficult and durable clasp. Otherwise, the bracelet will fall off your hand after a set of simple exercises.If you live alone and have no one who can help you take off the bracelet, it is better to opt for the open cuff. Kids will appreciate this option as well.


Some people like massive bracelets, some wear them for emergency purposes only and want to make them seem as unnoticeable as possible. Some people find narrow minimalistic bracelets more fashionable and aesthetically pleasing as well.However, keep in mind that the inscription has to be recognizable still. Too narrow allergy bracelets are of no use.


An allergy bracelet fulfills two amazing functions: a piece of jewelry and a life-saver. Do not hesitate and try them out.



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