Tiffany Bracelets: Your New Obsession With Delicate Details

Tiffany’s has always been associated with incredibly fashionable items that are known all over the world. Its luxurious accessories allow a person to feel their uniqueness and be themselves. Those who have a rebellious spirit or kind-hearted dreamers - everyone can find a Tiffany bracelet that will be right for their personality. Stunning Tiffany bracelet collections: Tiffany Paper Flowers, Tiffany T, Return to Tiffany, the Atlas, Tiffany Keys, Paloma Picasso, Tiffany 1837 have been conquering jewelry aficionados since the time the company was established.

These elegant pieces of jewelry give power to self-express and act. You won't be any more afraid of truly being yourself, the one who doesn't need proof of acceptance from others. The amazing bracelet collections inspire women to manifest their personal identity, so it’s time to find yours and press forward.

Read the article to learn all the exciting facts about Tiffany bracelets that every lady should know:

What is a Tiffany bracelet?

A Tiffany bracelet is luxury jewelry that is produced by the company Tiffany & Co. It firstly captured people's attention in 1837 when the jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany founded Tiffany’s. These bracelets are great both for men and women, you just need to explore their amazing collections. Men’s bracelets are gaining popularity and become an integral part of the everyday look or an excellent present.

Complement your daily outfit with a leather, gold, sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, stainless steel, or titanium Tiffany bracelet. The variety of gemstones is really impressive and you may find pearls, rubies, tanzanites but the most famous stone is diamond. Just recall this world-famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond. Royalties and Stars admire Tiffany’s jewelry for its ability to suit any occasion and be elegant and humble when needed.

Since its debut world saw these captivating blue boxes that still amaze jewelry lovers even today. They are international symbols of style, and when a person sees this box as a present they expect to see an incredible gift. Keep reading to explore Tiffany bracelets’ peculiarities.

Types of Tiffany bracelets

Define your style with incredible bracelets that give you an abundance of choice of various designs, materials, and gems. Here you will find a short classification of the most popular Tiffany bracelet types.

Bangle Tiffany bracelets

This bracelet type is known for its reserved elegance combined with modern aesthetics. Bangles are perfect for everyday wearing with your favorite jeans but at the same time, the astonishing bangle bracelets adorned with gems are a really special accessory for your wedding day. They are usually made of gold or silver and the encrusted diamonds will make you fall in love with these pieces of perfection. You can find more diamond jewelry in our collections.

bangle tiffany bracelets

Chain Tiffany bracelets

Chains on your wrist do not signify brutality but rather the courage to show up your uniqueness. Made of high-quality platinum, gold, and sterling silver, chain bracelets will be excellent complementation to your daily outfit. Any style and taste: from basic to the most exquisite will be satisfied with these stunning accessories. If you adore chain jewelry, take a look at our amazing silver anklets to make your look incredibly gorgeous.

chain tiffany bracelets

Charm Tiffany bracelets

The rich charms variety makes them one of the most popular accessories nowadays. Have you heard about the iconic “Return to Tiffany” bracelet adorned with a heart-shaped charm that signifies the strength of love? Charms give the accessory a new look and become its unforgettable gem that attracts people’s attention. Tiffany Keys collection is known for the key charms that serve as a link connecting a range of jewelry pieces. Find your special charm that will represent your inner message to the world.

charm tiffany bracelets

Cuff Tiffany bracelets

A cuff bracelet is a win-win option for easy-going people as these accessories are extremely comfortable and fashionable. There are no clasps that contribute to simple usage and after a few seconds, you have a cuff bracelet on your wrist and enjoy your amazing look. Cuff bracelets are one of the most popular Tiffany’s beauty items you may encounter in the world. Complement your Tiffany accessory with a fashionable resin ring.

cuff tiffany bracelets

Tiffany bracelet history

Tiffany’s history goes back to 1837 when two talented jewelry makers founded this company in Connecticut that has been adorning the world for almost two centuries. They were Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, but it is named after the first since he took the whole control over the company in 1853. Princesses, singers, actors, and millionaires do not imagine their lives without Tiffany’s bracelet. You may encounter their stores worldwide since the brand underwent a long history of highs and lows to achieve success.

tiffany bracelets history

How to care for a Tiffany bracelet?

Regarding the fact that these bracelets are made for everyday wear, you should maintain their look to preserve the beauty of an accessory. In order to care for silver, gold, or platinum bracelets you need to use warm soapy water and a soft brush. In the case of exquisite gems adorning your bracelet, ask a jeweler for advice to not damage the precious stones. You may find some useful data on cleaning the accessories in this article.


When you hear the name Tiffany, you immediately imagine a shot from the famous film starring Audrey Hepburn. Now you know a lot of interesting information about these astonishing Tiffany bracelets that should find their place on your wrist. Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, and many other prominent figures admired these accessories for not only a beautiful look they had but a possibility to be free and real.



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