Why Does Everyone Need Their Birthstone Bracelet?

A long time ago, people attributed magic powers to particular gemstones and believed that the time a person was born defined what stone to wear. Dream about improving your life and acquiring certain character features? Read this article and find more information about your gemstone.

Read the article to learn more about birthstone bracelets:

What is a birthstone bracelet?

A birthstone bracelet is a piece of jewelry adorned with particular gemstones that correspond to an astrological period. The tradition of wearing birthstones is very old, but the traditional gem list appeared relatively recently. People are fond of these accessories for their healing properties and ability to bring luck and love. You can put on a birthstone bracelet wherever you want as it is your amulet. Believe it or not but life changes if you really want, and your efforts are multiplied by birthstone power.

What is your birthstone bracelet?

There is a list of months and gems attributed to each of them, so find your birth date and choose your personal stone.

January - garnet bracelet

Those born in the first month of the year should pay attention to garnet, a stone with a deep red color and immense protection power. People usually associate garnet with various red hues, but it may also be yellow, green, and a rare blue gem. It's believed that the gem helps January-born travelers to avoid challenges during the trip. Moreover, this stone signifies trust and friendship, so if you have a good friend born this month, consider giving them a garnet bracelet. Known for its hardness, the stone will be an excellent choice for everyday wearing.

january birthstone bracelets

February - amethyst bracelet

February birthstone amethyst is found in a wide range of violet colors, so choose whatever you like. Amethyst has been related to royalty for a very long time because it was expensive, and only nobility representatives could afford to wear this exquisite stone. If you are a February-born person, consider this stone for strengthening your relationships and obtaining brevity. Amethyst is a cleavage-resistant stone that is perfect for daily wear.

february birthstone bracelets

March - aquamarine bracelet

If you were born in March, your birthstone is an aquamarine - a gem that exists in all blue shades like colors of the sea. Aquamarine is a blue-green stone possessing calming energy and bringing peace and harmony to the wearer's life. Early sailors believed that it could protect ocean voyages; the other people still attribute healing properties to the gem.

march birthstone bracelets

April - diamond bracelet

However, people used to clear, transparent diamonds; there are any stone colors you can imagine. Diamonds symbolize life-long love, so it'd be great to get a diamond bracelet from your significant other. If April is your birth month, find more diamond accessories in this collection to fully complement your life energy.

april birthstone bracelets

May - emerald bracelet

May paints nature in green color, so there is no wonder that people born in this month need to wear emerald jewelry. It is Cleopatra's favorite stone that stands for rebirth, good health, and fertility. Romans believed emerald to be associated with Venus - love and beauty goddess. Thus those having a birthday in May can acquire luck, health, youth, and lightness with this gem.

may birthstone bracelets

June - pearl bracelet

Summer people are positive and cheerful, and they are sun's gifts so precious and unique like pearls. This gemstone is a symbol of purity and elegance, and you can multiply your inner charm by wearing pearl accessories. It's believed that pearls are tears of joy of the love goddess Aphrodite. June-born people should find their amazing pearl bracelets, and we know the place with the most exclusive pieces of jewelry.

june birthstone bracelets

July - ruby bracelet

The July birthstone has a robust protective power against evil and the ability to bring love and passion into the person's life. A "king of stones" fantastic feature is its deep-red color that will romanticize your daily routine.

july birthstone bracelets

August - peridot bracelet

The August birthstone peridot is often called the "evening emerald" for its light-green coloring. It symbolizes strength and protects its owner against nightmares and evils. Find your unique accessory adorned with peridot, and your life will acquire features you've been lacking.

august birthstone bracelets

September - sapphire bracelet

The September birthstone sapphire is associated with blue color, although it has no coloring except red. If you have a significant other born in September, consider giving them a sapphire accessory that will divert from them any harm. This wisdom gem symbolizing purity and faith is one of the most desired stones in the world.

september birthstone bracelets

October - opal bracelet

The multi-color opal is an October-born gem that has a controversial symbolism. It's considered a stone that may bring luck and unluck to the wearer depending on their intentions. You will be faithful and confident while wearing an opal bracelet.

october birthstone bracelets

November - topaz bracelet

Topaz has many colors; thus, a November-born person can choose any shade they like. This gem may increase your intellectual abilities and spiritual strength. Many believe that topaz is a love and affection stone.

november birthstone bracelets

December - turquoise bracelet

This delicate blue gemstone gives success and good fortune as well as protects against negative vibes. The December-born people will acquire immense love charm by wearing turquoise accessories.

december birthstone bracelets

The history of birthstone bracelets

The idea of linking a stone to the month when the person was born dates back to biblical times. Many researchers believe that it comes from a sacred breastplate of Aaron containing twelve gemstones. The Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) says that every one of these stones corresponds to each of the twelve Israel tribes. There are for rows with three stones in every one of them:

  • The 1st row: carnelian, chrysolite, and emerald;
  • The 2nd row: turquoise, sapphire, and amethyst;
  • The 3rd row: jacinth, agate, and crystal (that is quartz);
  • The 4th row: beryl (that is aquamarine), lapis lazuli (or sapphire), and jasper.

Another interesting fact is that in the 5th century CE, St. Jerome made a parallel between these gems and the zodiac signs. Thus, people collected all twelve gems and wore them throughout the year, believing in their magic power. The modern idea of an association of a gem to one particular month appeared in the 16th century. By the end of the 18th century, people fathomed that they needed to wear only one stone related to their birth month. And during this period, a “traditional birthstones” list appeared in Poland. Finally, in 1912 a “modern birthstones” list was released by the United States National Association of Jewelers.

Find your unique birthstone accessory, and it will become your protective amulet against all life harms and evils.



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