All Your Dreams Will Come True With A Wish Bracelet

Every person has a cherished dream and does everything possible to make it true. But very often our wishes are not connected with material things and need some time in order to enter your life and make you happy. It concerns love, health, happiness, self-esteem, and many-many other lifelong wishes. People came up with the idea to wear a bracelet made of a thick string that will break one day that will signalize wish-fulfillment. These wish bracelets are adorned with charms and beads and are multicolored but the most often - red. You can choose a wish bracelet that is accompanied by a card containing a specific wish for the person. Bracelet-makers create thematic collections which you may give to your friends or guests on a certain occasion. There are hen parties, baby showers, Christmas and birthday wish bracelets. You see that the diversity of these amazing meaningful accessories is impressive, so you can easily choose yours!

What is a Wish bracelet?

A Wish bracelet is a mesmerizing accessory that will make any wish true! These bracelets became popular not a long time ago but immediately grasped people’s hearts. Wish bracelets are perfect for people of all ages and are generally worn on a daily basis. Bracelets need to take their special place in everyone’s jewelry collection, and here are the real proofs. Get your Wish bracelet that will be a symbol of your dream or give it to some person wishing her certain things. These accessories are gaining their popularity on thematic parties and holidays and serve as a reminder of that special day. Keep reading to reveal more amazing facts about Wish bracelets that will help you choose the appropriate one, especially for you.

Types of Wish bracelets

We tried to classify the abundance of different wish bracelets and distinguished the most popular types for you. Let’s explore what are those bracelets that embody wishes!

Healing Wish bracelets

In times when you or your family member, colleague, a friend needs some support to overcome an illness, you shall present them a healing wish bracelet. It doesn’t possess the magical power to make a person completely healthy, but it will give a feeling of caring, attention, and personal necessity. There are many precious and semi-precious stones that are believed to share healing energy, and amethyst is one of them. In this article, you can discover the crystals’ amazing power and decide which of them to choose for your bracelet.

healing wish bracelets

Friend Wish bracelets

You can give this Wish bracelet to your best friend to show him your appreciation of your relations. Wish bracelets for friends are perfect for some important occasions when you want to wish your comrade everything the best. Friend bracelets have always found their place in people’s hearts, and here are the reasons why.

friend wish bracelets

Holiday Wish bracelets

There are many holidays throughout the year when we need to present something wonderful and remarkable to our nearest and dearest. Christmas, New Year, St. Valentine’s, and other days that are significant for your family require a special gift that will be a gorgeous reminder of your love to them, and a Wish bracelet is perfect for this purpose.

holiday wish bracelets

Party Wish bracelets

Some party makers want their occasion to be unique and left not only on the photos but also brought use to their guests. Thus they give them Wish bracelets that remind people of a special day and thrilling emotions. Consider acquiring Wish accessories if you have a birthday, baby shower, hen party, wedding, and many other important for you occasions.

party wish bracelets

Couple Wish bracelets

Couples have many common goals and wishes, such as to marry, have a baby, buy a house, car, dog, go on a trip, or go skydiving. These wishes are important for their relationships as their future is built on them. Having these Wish bracelets, a couple will believe in their dreams and do everything possible to fulfill everything planned. You can exchange these accessories on a certain occasion or make an unexpected gift that will symbolize your infinite love. You can also choose an appropriate charm to reflect your wishes, the amazing collection of which is available on our site.

couple wish bracelets

The uniqueness of a Nine Wishes bracelet

This is an accessory that reminds you of your soul journey and represents everything you wish and wants to become real. Pun on this bracelet and take into account that the number nine has a deep connotation and represents magical and beautiful things. Remember that anything is possible with a nine-wishes bracelet that embodies destiny, leadership, wisdom, soul mission, creative abilities, universal love, and luck. You should also consider that this accessory is perfect for people born between January 19 and February 18, so you can make a gift for you or your close person to attract positive vibes and success in their life.

nine wishes bracelets

DIY Wish bracelets

There is nothing more straightforward than making a Wish bracelet. Basically, anyone can create this accessory in a couple of minutes, provided that there are materials prepared in advance. In order to make a bracelet symbolizing wishes, you need to take a string of any color and material and charms and beads for decoration. Very often, these small decorative materials reflect what a person wishes: love, traveling, a baby, a car, or a cat. Then thread a charm or bead on a string and knot it on your wrist. By the way, we have a convenient article on making various DIY bracelets, so check it out if you want to spend time with us and pleasure. Did you know that the color of your bracelet has a certain meaning? For example, yellow represents happiness, red - love, and passion, orange - energy, green - health and youth, blue - inspiration, and white - innocence. Be creative and experiment with accessories combinations to find your style. Wish bracelets are good for any outfit tokens of your wishes.


We wish you good luck and want all your dreams to come true because if a person strives for something good it will definitely happen to them. Do not stop on your way to the dream fulfillment and have as many wishes as you want, trying to realize them and be happy!



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