Zales Bracelets: Your New Long-Lasting Accessories

We all want to look perfect whether we dress up for everyday affairs or special occasions. This is why people choose accessories: to emphasize the outfit or just spot a bright accent. Zales bracelets are an ideal space for those who seek harmony in self-expression. This is the place where stylish diamonds, gemstones, and fashionable jewelry are offered to you along with professional expertise and responsive customer service. Zales is the most widespread in-store based jewelry retailer in the US, North America, and Puerto Rico. They work online and offline operating over 700 physical stores. Customers trust Zales service and here we will uncover their hidden mystery of popularity.

What is a Zales bracelet?

Zales bracelet is a piece of jewelry from Zales diamond store that has a long and remarkable history. Everything started in 1924, when Morris Zale, William Zale, and Ben Lipshy established their first diamond store in Wichita Falls, Texas. Their purpose was to sell jewels for the lowest price. Since Zales created a marketing strategy ''a penny down and a dollar a week'', they completely flooded the market with their goods. The success of the diamond store was accelerating fast and by 1941 Zales opened 12 more stores across Texas and Oklahoma. Having come a long way of improvement and expansion, in 2014 Zales was acquired by Signet Jewels Inc. - a large conglomerate headquartered in Akron, Ohio. As this well-known jewelry store is focused on selling diamond accessories, they also stand for their high quality. Zales diamonds are verified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) for the customer to be sure that the purchase is worth its money. In case the client loses the diamond, Zales offers a lifetime diamond commitment: replacing with no additional charge. This works also with diamond upgrading. Whenever you wish, you can return the original shine of your jewelry. People get pleasantly surprised by their responsive customer service. Zales provides worry-free police suggesting clients 30 days for jewelry return with a full refund and no questions asked. One more appealing fact about Zales jewelry is that they own a great number of accessories types: for those who prefer modest knick-knackeries and those who adore being the center of attention.

Zales bracelets types

When it comes to the bracelet variety, the clients always get stuck: which model is better to choose? To simplify the problem of choice, Zales jewelers indicate the bracelets by material, popular styles, gender, and price. Diamond, pearl, and gemstone bracelets will perfectly suit connoisseurs of luxury accessories. Furthermore, these pieces of jewelry are made of gold, rose gold, stainless steel, and silver to live up to everyone's desires. There is no doubt that you will find your model among Zales bracelets as they are available for ladies in sophisticated forms, for men as a symbol of strength and power, and children as a charming talisman. There you can also prioritize the choice by the price. The lowest offers are in the section under $50 and the highest reach over $5000. These characteristics are mostly related to bracelets' practicality so we will take a deep look at their style types.

Zales ankle bracelets

Long ago wearing an ankle bracelet could mean something more: social status, desire to have physical contact with men, and others. These days, women put on ankle bracelets to express their personality and highlight the outfit. This is the chance where Zales jewelry can help women! Meet their ankle bracelets made of sterling silver, gold, rose gold with charms, diamonds, and gold plates.

ankle zales braacelets

Zales bangles and cuff bracelets

This type of bracelet is solid in its concept. Whether you choose bangles or cuffs, Zales jewelers outplayed them with a very fashionable note. The bracelets are available in sterling silver, gold, rose gold, white gold with colorful diamonds, gold plates, and outstanding design ideas.

bangles and cuff zales braacelets

Zales bolo bracelets

Being one of the most popular bracelet types, bolo bracelets are a big field for extraordinary design experiments. Needless to say, they are not only famous but very practical as they are adjustable. Zales jewelers fulfill this style by adding inscriptions and charms to the bracelet design.

bolo zales braacelets

Zales charm bracelets

What could be better than creating a unique bracelet by yourself? It is possible with Zales charms bracelets. You can choose a regular chain made of silver or gold and complement the accessory according to your personal style. This is especially popular among children as they will be always eager to create something by themselves.

While you choose the bracelet, you should dive into the Zales bracelet charms variety. There you may find such unusual models: silver hearts, open champagne glass, pearl in an oyster, coffee cup, enameled sandal, sparkle starfish, horseshoe, and many other examples of creativity.

charm zales braacelets

Zales personalized bracelets

With these bracelets, you can engrave whatever you want as a sign of your personality. This may be suitable as a present for your beloved one, a special gift for parents or just an accessory which reminds you about something private. Personalized bracelets are available in silver, gold, and leather combined with diamonds, colorful gemstones, and charms.

personalized zales braacelets

Zales tennis bracelets

These bracelets are well-known for their sophisticated and luxurious design. Colorful diamonds combined with white gold create a vision of classic and elegant style. It is the true embodiment of pomposity and wealth.

tennis zales braacelets

Zales bracelets features

The unusual nature of Zales bracelets has its origins in the first Zales diamond store. Their jewelers made the idea of easily accessible diamonds realistic and dispelled the myths about these precious stones. Zales bracelets will be relevant for every outfit whether it is a gift or a regular purchase.


Luxurious and magnificent, complemented with diamonds or gemstones, available for men, women, or kids, Zales bracelets are the example of true devotion and exquisite taste from the best jewelers!



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