What is great about chandelier earrings – they are looking great when worn by women regardless of their age. If they suit the occasion – you are good to go.

Each and every lady loves the swinging of generously sized sterling silver earrings. The glitter of precious metal and the color of beads featured in the assembly add up to the glamorous and beautiful overall look. That special power of large chandelier earrings is the ability to jazz up almost any outfit. Nothing attracts as much attention to your pretty face as a pair of sophisticated earrings of the type described. Those could be found in different shapes and styles, ranging from the glamour and chick zirconia featuring earrings to those made of wood for the most casual wear.

When choosing the earrings one definitely tries to see whether they will look good. The size and shape should be considered. Provided you have small features you will be better looking for some other style and size. Choosing the right size is essential to compliment the features. If they are small then large pair will make them look even smaller. This particular type looks gorgeous on average and large faces.

You would definitely like to select a set containing several chains or strings that end with tiny beads. The rule is to avoid cascade earring styles.

When you have a round face it is great to take advantage of a huge variety of beautiful long slim chandelier earrings falling lower than the chin level. Their length disperses the attention vertically, which makes your face look a bit narrower.

When you possess extended facial features the right decision is to select shorter and larger earrings. There are so called diamond and heart shaped faces with a wider cheekbone and forehead when compared to the jawline. It is best to choose wide-bottom earrings to compliment such features.

On the other hand, those who have wider jawline and narrower forehead – the so called triangular shaped face – should be opting for wider chandelier earrings.

For the square-shaped face extending it optically below the jawline might become a nice try. Get a pair of round chandelier earrings of a softer design for the matter.

If you enjoy the design chandelier earrings have to offer and consider them to be worn daily then make sure to get a pair of nicely balanced chandelier earrings. The balance means the weight of earrings is spread evenly. Do not let them hurt the ears or make you feel uncomfortable during wear, not even for one moment.

Colored chandeliers will add up greatly to your personal style - not less than your overall outfit. So feel free to browse our huge collection of premium quality sterling silver earrings and find those that will fit you the best.