Women these days have a lot of different sterling silver earrings types available for purchasing. Many do not just add a gorgeous touch to the look which compliments their features, but also have an idea of correcting the shape of their face with the help of a pair of brand new earrings.

Let us give you a couple of guidelines, just in case.

We will name the face type and give the shape of the earring that fits the best. For example, a woman with a round face and might want to visually elongate her features by adding a set of lengthened earrings. It is also better to get angular shaped earrings instead of round. The absolute no-no choice is a pair of round discs, dangling ones as well. They can make your face look even wider which is not what we are looking for. Medium width or narrow earrings are best in this case.

The opposite case here – the woman has a long face. Small round stud earrings will be the best for her. Long dangle earrings will be a great choice for the ladies with square features. Another good idea is to go for round shaped earrings that will make the jaw line and cheeks softer. Think of hoops here. The extended size hoops can provide some extra dramatic look while softening wearer’s features simultaneously making the face look smaller.

The forth type we would like to provide an advice for - an oval face. The advice is as follows – choose any type you like as looking gorgeous is easy with any pair of earrings with oval face. Make sure to have oval dangling earrings in your collection. They can become true eye-catchers. A pair of teardrop shaped earrings would also make a great purchase, because they will balance out your features and emphasize the natural shape or your face.

At last, women with heart-shaped faces should be looking for earrings sets designed with long lines and curves. Elongated curves of those could help in balancing out the face together with drawing extra attention to your eyes and cheeks. Dangling chandeliers and teardrops are to be considered. A fascinating contrast could be achieved when using diamond shaped chandeliers as well.