Choosing sterling silver earrings for your face shape

Women these days have a lot of different sterling silver earrings types available for purchasing. Many do not just add a gorgeous touch to the look which compliments their features, but also have an idea of correcting the shape of their face with the help of a pair of brand new earrings. Let us give you a couple of guidelines, just in case. We will name the face type and give the shape of the earring that fits the best.

Why do earrings flatter your face shape?

Women and girls have worn earrings on a daily basis from ancient times due to their usability and beauty. People used different materials and gemstones to look more attractive and highlight their wealth. Sterling silver earrings were used throughout history by people of all ages and statuses.

A long time ago, women noticed how their face features and shape were enhanced by specific earrings. Here we talk not about precious stones that made them beautiful, but the type of the earrings, their shape, and size. There is no wonder that earrings are perfect for flattering face shape as they hang from our ears and are easily noticed. Earrings bring focus to your face and highlight the light in your eyes and the charm of your smile.

We prepared a guide on how to define your face shape and listed tips for choosing earrings for each specific case.

sterling silver earrings for your face shape

How to determine your face shape?

Every person has unique facial features, and we are all beautiful. However, it’s possible to distinguish similar face patterns pertinent that make our face shape. You can find out your face shape visually, measure it, or use a special program on the Internet. The traditional way of defining face shape is by measuring face length and width.

If they are the same, the person has a round face shape. If your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are of the same width, then your face is square-shaped. A person with a diamond-shaped face, a narrow forehead, and a chin.

While heart-shaped face owners have a wider forehead and a pointed chin. If your face is oval or oblong, then its length is greater than the width, and the oval face has a rounded jawline. And a triangle face has a wide jaw and a narrow forehead.

Now you know your face shape and can move to choose sterling silver earrings that match your facial features. 

face shapes

Choosing sterling silver earrings for different face shapes

Round face earrings

For example, a woman with a round face might want to visually elongate her features by adding a set of lengthened earrings. It is also better to get angular-shaped earrings instead of round. The absolute no-no choice is a pair of round discs, dangling ones as well. They can make your face look even wider which is not what we are looking for. Medium width or narrow earrings are best in this case.

Square face earrings

There is a rule of thumb for women with a square face shape: they should avoid wearing square earrings. The square face will look astonishing if complemented with earrings having rounded edges. It would be great to put on hoops or discs to soften the angles of your face. Pay attention to silver drop earrings of a medium length. Do not put on dangle earrings of sophisticated shapes and especially sharp edges. Stud silver earrings are possible but not desirable.

Triangle face earrings

Choose the type of earrings that will balance your face shape, namely a narrow forehead and wide jaw. Thus, perfectly chosen decorations will flatter your face shape and draw attention to your best features. Do not choose round or oval dangle earrings that hang to your jaw and make it wider. Pay attention to earrings with straight lines, medium-size hoops, and studs.

Oblong face earrings

If a woman has an oblong face, she needs to make her face look a bit smaller. Think of hoops that can provide some extra dramatic look while softening the face features. Another good idea is to go for round stud earrings to make the jawline and cheeks softer. Stay away from long danglers that elongate the wearer's face. If you like dangle earrings, choose the pair that does not go over your chin or is even smaller.

Oval face earrings

We would also like to provide advice for oval face owners. They may choose any type of silver earrings they like as any pair of earrings looks gorgeous on an oval face. Make sure to have oval dangling earrings in your collection. They can become true eye-catchers. A pair of teardrop-shaped earrings would also make a great purchase because they will balance out your features and emphasize the natural shape of your face.

Heart-shaped face earrings

Look for long lines and curves if your face is heart-shaped. Elongated curves balance the facial features, drawing attention to the eyes. Consider buying dangling chandeliers and teardrops for a stunning look and rounding your chin. Put massive decorations to diminish the effect of a pointed chin and perfectly complement your face shape. Make sure your earrings do not go over your chin. Studs will match your face shape well but avoid triangular earrings.

Diamond-shaped face earrings

Stay away from round-shaped earrings If your face has a narrow forehead and chin. It would be amazing to choose silver studs and small dangling earrings. The best option is to choose teardrop earrings with ones. We recommend these women highlight their natural beauty with gentle decorations with straight lines and curves. Professionals also advise clustered earrings for women with diamond-shaped faces. Your beauty is unique, and these earrings will make you shine.

Diamond shaped face earrings


Follow these tips when choosing sterling silver earrings, and you’ll highlight your natural beauty. Jewelry pieces can complement your clothes and enhance your look. Every girl should mind these tips when buying earrings not to look weird. And when you have a perfect pair of decorations on your ears, you will see that face shape makes a big difference. But every person is unique, and you can experiment with different types of earrings depending on your style and mood.



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