There are several types of beads enjoyed by the fashion jewelry lovers these days. We have collected the most beautiful types and would like to provide you a bit of explanation on each.

Acrylic Beads – this is a term that can be used to describe any bead that was made of plastic or any other polymerized materials. Those might be either made of resin, Fimo clay or other types of plastics. They have an advantage of being light and low price. Another benefit is that they will suit a wide range of clothing and occasions. The premium quality makes them as popular as glass or wooden ones.

Premium quality glass beads with faceted surfaces represent another popular type of beads. Those are called crystal beads. Numerous shapes are available for crystals provoding many design choices.

One more popular type of beads is Murano Glass Beads. Those are thought to be the best quality glass beads in the whole world. Their glass designs are greatly influenced by Venetian glass artists. Since 1291, the Murano glassmakers have been refining the techniques of glass making like crystalline, enamelled, multicolored and milk. They produce beads of an unmatched world-class quality.

As long as glass is the most common material to be used in beads production, glass beads tend to become the most popular type of beads. Glass beads offered at our webstore look expensive and very elegant.

Spacer beads, as it can be evident from their name, are used to space out the beads on bracelet or chain. They are mostly metal, made of high quality sterling silver, and are placed in-between other beads to organize them or to emphasize some of them.

European style beads are versatile beads with a special design to make them fit the classic European style bracelets –from 10mm to 20mm in size with a screw threading hole of about 6 mm diameter.

Pearl beads are made of either freshwater pearls or coated glass ones. Each type has varying levels of quality within, but basically more expensive and desired are those handcrafted with freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are sometimes tinted with various colors making them more universal. Coated glass pearls feature generic glass bead covered with a pearlescent highly resistant coating.

Freshwater pearls are also sometimes are placed into one category with the beads of semiprecious nature. Those are made with semi precious stones such as agate, hematite, turquoise, shells and others.

That was a brief introduction into the bead types. Check our online store to see various styles and shapes of premium quality beads in all their glory.