Why is it great to have beads in your collection

Beads as a part of sterling silver jewelry collection become more and more popular nowadays. There are so many reasons for that. Every woman keen on handcrafted jewelry should have made a present for herself or given a bead or two as gifts. Together with sterling silver and precious gemstones, handcrafted premium quality beaded jewelry will never become outdated. Our store provides you with a great selection of beads for any occasion.

Benefits of having beads

Let’s explore why you should enrich your jewelry collection with beads and beaded decorations. But before we start, it’d be great to find essential bead types.

Perfect gift idea

First of all, beads make great gifts. The collection of beads of different shapes, forms, themes, and materials has a fantastic gift idea for everyone. Beads as a part of one’s jewelry box are an excellent gift idea. They are also easy to store and care for. You should try giving beads to your relative; she'll be the talk of the town while wearing it to school. Your best friend will be as well flattened by elegant beads or pendants helping her compliment the favorite jewelry and alongside to show good taste.

Universal accessory

The same variety making beads a great gift idea also makes them an absolutely appropriate accessory for almost every occasion. One should choose delicate polished sterling silver beads for the more formal events. Bead jewelry like this accentuates the formal clothing without any undesired detraction from your look. One can put on something bigger and bolder to a party; huge beaded bracelets, cuffs, or jewelry with dangling beads are made to get you noticed, and a party is such a great place to show you noticeable jewelry off.

Complement to your jewelry

Beads are that touch making the jewelry you create so unique. There is a huge collection at our webstore for you to choose from, each piece is a unique design and premium quality. The jewelry is created by selecting beads out of unlimited combinations. The sterling silver beads-filled bracelet is sure to become the signature piece in your jewelry collection, the one that you could wear to parties while getting compliments every time. Thick or elegant, fully beaded pieces of jewelry or a charming single bead attached to your bag, all are really becoming a must-have piece for every fashion jewelry lover.

Reasonable price

Another great thing about beads is that they are really affordable. Is not it amazing how inexpensive quality handmade jewelry can be? The beads sold at our store are of premium quality and made of natural materials. This makes handmade beaded jewelry in common and beads, in particular, a fine addition to your sterling silver jewelry collection.

How to choose beads that perfectly mix and match your look

In order to look fashionable in your beaded decoration, pay attention to the following tips. Mind that you are free to wear beads with any outfit but the best option is to wear them with a shirt, blouse, or dress.

Bead size and shape

Firstly, consider their size and shape. It is the main parameter that determines how the jewelry will look. People usually choose small round beads; however, if you want to stand out take square or triangle beads.

The smaller the beads, the more elegant the decoration looks. While larger beads make you charming and unique. At the same time, we should remember that massive beads do not suit everyone. You can complement your look with these beads, but they will better look at young, slim girls. Small beads perfectly match all girls.
However, if you want to experiment, do not choose larger beads but rather increase the number of threads on your bracelet or necklace. We know amazing abstract beads with intricate shapes and coloring. It’s great to focus attention on details and add a couple of catchy beads to your decoration.

Bead size and shape

Beads length

Another crucial bead parameter is its length. Here we’ll focus on the standard length of the bead necklace that is 40-50 cm. Such a decoration will suit everyone, look gorgeous, and are comfortable to wear. Mind that choker necklaces are good for young girls and match only specific outfits on informal occasions.

You can also take an 80cm bead decoration that is a universally recognized classic. Long beaded necklaces will give elegance to your look. Wrap them several times around the neck and stand out in your formal outfit or evening gowning.

Generally, you can choose any length you want but mind that you feel comfortable and look natural. It’s risky to blindly follow the latest trends as some decorations may not match your outfits, face type, etc. Stay yourself and underline your uniqueness with creative beaded adornments. For more interesting information, read the article to learn the art of wearing jewelry.

Beads length

Beads color

And finally, we will discover how to make the most of your beads when choosing an appropriate color. There are many options, from bright to colorless beads that are all amazing. Firstly, you should pay attention to your color type and then choose the shade of a bead. Clothes type and color play a huge role as well if you want to complement a specific outfit with beads.

It’s great when your clothing and beads have shades of the same color. Remember that they should not be identical. For example, you can take red beads and red lipstick, a handbag, or shoes but never a red dress with red beads.

When we talk about your color type and beads coloring, we want to emphasize you should look natural. Choose beads, so they match your skin tone. Under general classification, it can be either warm or cool. The first tone looks gorgeous with browns, warm reds, oranges, peach, coral, and gold. Ladies with a cool tone should pay attention to pale and bold blue, bright green, deep purple, and pink beads.

Beads color


Now you know that beads are an indispensable element of your collection. You can benefit from it in many ways and make your outfit unique. Highlight your creativeness and exceptional taste with beads and stand out.



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