The Art of Wearing Jewelry: How to Choose and What To Match With

Choosing a perfect necklace, ring, or bracelet in the age of immense diversity of accessories may be challenging and even frustrating. Let us navigate you in the world of fine jewelry so that you don't get lost in endless options!

How to choose a piece of jewelry

What we know is that fashion lovers choose types of necklaces depending on their taste, appearance, and age. Surely, it all depends on your taste and preferences; however, there are some unwritten rules and advice on how to select the right piece of jewelry for you individually.

It is thought that the youngest girls would look best with modest items like short elegant chains with pendants or tender and delicate beaded and gem pieces. This would emphasize their pure beauty and innocent youth.

daily necklace

Many older ladies tend to look attractive in large stone necklaces with a short chain (up to 60 cm). Distracting from the décolleté and neck area, spectacular colliers would shift attention to the face and silhouette.

A massive piece of jewelry also contributes to the feel of importance and financial status, which is widely used by businesswomen to accelerate their position in the eyes of others with the help of accessories. Whatever it takes to make a good first impression, right?

massive necklace

As for appearance, one of the key criteria to pick a necklace is the neck shape and length. Having a “swan” neck may be the reason to try the shortest models. V-shaped locket necklaces can visually enlarge distorting proportions. Colliers with big elements are suitable for turtle-necked ladies. This visually extending chain should fall at least 5 cm below the clavicle.

Stylists and beauty experts recommend light-eyed blondes to pay attention to jasper, greenish turquoise, topaz, and amber items. Aquamarine, blue turquoise, and pinkish tourmaline will make chestnut heads even prettier. Garnet and tiger’s eye necklaces are as if created for red-haired beauties with peachy skin. Dark-eyed brunettes will look especially gorgeous in lapis lazuli, mountain crystal, and ruby.

blonde girl with necklace

Gemstones are best to wear at night when they shine particularly brightly in the artificial light. Matte and nacreous glow necklaces are the most suitable in the daylight. Adding a nice necklace to your outfit will make a perfect finish to it, as well as add sparkle and new colors to the appearance.

The wedding necklace is the final stroke in a bride’s outfit that should perfectly accentuate the rich dress often embellished with crystals and décor. The best choice is probably a jewelry piece with one or several pearl strings as pearls are the symbol of virginity.

wedding necklace

Other options for brides include fabric necklaces with flowers and beads, polymeric clay, and various modern models in the pop-art style including mountain crystal, Czech glass, semi-precious stones, and openwork. The necklace may combine different shades: snow-white, grey, bluish, and light-pink.

You can pick the best bride jewelry option according to what you want to emphasize. It could be the lightness and playfulness in your nature or seriousness and dedication towards your future bond.

How to wear and what clothes to match with

According to stylists, the top in-demand necklace is a metal hoop with a precious pendant or a massive chain with no additional decorations. These elegant items can be worn daily to punctuate a business outfit. You will see thousands of models wearing these types of jewelry during fashion weeks, which indicates that they still preserve their extreme popularity today.

gold chain

The “princess” necklace is designed for a modest décolleté and can be considered the most democratic type. The necklace is 47 cm long. This jewel rather reminds a broad thick twist chain decorated with pendants. Such a golden collier goes well not only with attires for special occasions and evening dresses but with casual clothes as well.

Fabric collar necklaces with brooches from your granny’s chest are popular now, too. They are embellished with pearls and encrusted with stones. This unique item can be a great DIY thing to wear on your jumper or jersey. A white blouse goes well with a necklace with buttons and leather, decorative bijouterie with flamboyant big elements.

brooch necklace

If you find yourself working in an office daily and therefore wearing a uniform, collar necklaces made from stainless steel, gold, or silver would make just a perfect finish to your formal outfit. It would enable you to bring some spiciness and glow to rather boring and plain clothes, thus creating a so-desired balance.

Nonetheless, overdoing with diamonds when building up an office outfit could be considered inappropriate at your workplace, so sticking to lighter options would be best. There are multiple ways to brighten up your dresscode clothes without putting your reputation or career at risk.

Universal jewelry options

If you find it problematic to make a decision and pick a single piece of jewelry to wear daily or put on on special occasions, let us give you a helping hand on this one. Here are some stylish jewelry pieces that you could add to your every-day or festive outfit to take your style to a brand new level:

  • Necklace in silver and big semi-precious stones embellished with chalcedony pendants in blue, green, and brown.
  • Classic shouldered collar, a necklace composed of metal chains and transparent floral-shaped gem inlays falling beneath and reaching the mid-breast line.
  • Short pearl necklace with several pearl strings covering the neck area completely, with an aureate metal clasp.

These options are universal and can be easily implemented in any outfit regardless of your skin tone or general style. Trying out some new combinations is a fun kind of experiment that you should definitely go for!

We hope this information will help you make up your mind and find the perfect piece of jewelry to become part of your impeccable style.

Brand fine jewelry companies are known for providing customers with pieces of the highest quality; brand bijouterie appears to be extremely durable and boasts some marvelous shine that non-brand jewelry can’t keep up with. Millions of people worldwide are ready to pay a fortune to possess gemstone-designed jewelry created in the biggest fashion houses.



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