Today sterling silver jewelry is becoming more popular from year to year with lots of various jewelry types available. One of the trendiest pieces of jewelry now are bracelets with beads and charms.

The bracelets themselves are available in different styles, but what makes them absolutely irresistible is the number of sterling silver beads and charms to choose from. Being easily interchangeable they provide the wearer with dozens of possible styles to be created using just one bracelet. Charm and beads make great gift items for that reason. Those offered at our web store are all made of high quality hallmarked 925 sterling silver.

In this article we would like to explain the difference between the charm beads and simple charms.

Well, let’s start with the classic charms. These jewelry items are usually meant to be attached to a chain link bracelet. These have a traditional look that is familiar to the jewelry lovers. It usually implies a bracelet with a padlock attachment. All the sterling silver charms in our collection are equipped with the 9mm lobster clasps, which makes them ready to be attached on the fly to almost anything - a handbag, a necklace or a bunch of keys.

In comparison to classic charms, sterling silver charm beads are consisting of two parts - the bead itself and a hinged charm. Using these charm beads with a specific kind of bracelets named snake chains gives a more modern, cutting-edge look to the jewelry. Charms beads opposite to the charms are threaded through the bracelet itself. The evident convenience of such threading system is that the look of the bracelet can be easily changed by adding new or reorganizing old beads. Another one is that these charm beads can be used together with plain beads which ensures a great number of possible combinations for the most unique bracelet design.

The only disadvantage of charm beads that should be noted – they cannot be attached to classic charm bracelets.

Make sure to check our collection of premium quality sterling silver charms and charm beads for a more vivid representation of their difference. We have a great selection of charm beads to create a stunning piece of silver jewelry to take a special place in your or your best friend’s jewelry box.