Not too long ago the sterling silver bracelets adorned with beautiful beads and charms have become one of the top trends of jewelry market. Sterling silver beads used in bracelets are incredibly popular, and that's for a reason.

The popularity of these fabulous pieces of silver jewelry is defined by the versatility of style and by the widest opportunities for easy customizing and personalizing them. Numerous colors and shapes are available. Not only such bracelets look adorable, but they also become very personal jewelry pieces for their owners.

Such bracelets are usually not bought at once, but rather filled with beads as the time passes. For some women these beautiful bracelets gather the memories of most remarkable moments of their lives. It sometimes takes years to finish them and such pieces become precious for the wearer. They can describe her personality, showcase the interests, hobbies, favorite ways of time spending. But it all starts with a plain rope or chain.

The beads and charms provide your bracelet with individuality. Beads of matching colors look great when placed together, like those Murano glass beads. Depending on the color palette of your choice the bracelet might be neutral to compliment some color in your outfit or truly bright and eye-catching.

The advantage of charm beads as well as of simple beads is that once your collection is big enough to be fitted on one bracelet their composition can be changed in no time. This is great for those women who get used to the same jewelry too fast.

Such fabulous attention catchers as charm beads look great next to the plain beads on a bracelet. It is up to you to choose the perfect composition. You can go for a more modest look with a couple of charm beads hanging on the bracelet full of beads. They will surely become the focus beads with all the dangle and sparkle they produce. Another way is to use only charm beads.

To make the charm beaded bracelet personal try adding the beads that will represent the most meaningful things. Think of remarkable moments of your life like your best vacation, or your wedding, or maybe graduation from the university. Browse the collections to find the beads that will be personal and at the same time fun and lovely to wear. Just a simple example of a personified charm bead – a horseshoe charm that will be great for those who love horses and spend a lot of time riding or taking care of them.