The grown popularity of sterling silver jewelry in the whole and huge variety of sterling silver charms available for purchasing create a two-sided situation. On one side, the offer is so generous and vast that everyone will find a perfect charm or a combination of charms to embellish the bracelet or the necklace. But on the other side, someone might become so confused by such a large collection that will inevitably face a problem of choice. And that is a good thing meaning that a person has a taste and is not going to just stack a bunch of beads and charms to a silver bracelet and call it a day. Such women might need a little help at their first acquaintance with this magical world of sterling silver jewelry. We are here to help you create a one of a kind piece of sterling silver charm jewelry.

So, first consider the size. The charm you choose should be of appropriate size. Surely if you are just starting the bracelet your might choose whatever size you like. Just make sure to think of where you are heading afterwards – if it is a one charm bracelet then it is totally fine. But if you are going to go with several generously sized ones – the bracelet will get overloaded. Try to find a perfect balance. The charms and beads should complement each other. As soon as you make up your mind over the size, think about the content. What are you going to say or show with a piece of upcoming beautiful silver jewelry? Is it going to be just a set of fancy murano glass charms or a meaningful collection of charms representing your hobbies, activities you enjoy, maybe your lifestyle or even beliefs? If you are not sure about that, the above mentioned murano glass charms are a nice way to start. The initial charms would also be good looking.

The sterling silver jewelry is not strictly limited to silver as the variety of vermeil charms is also available. Those combine silver and gold plated elements providing a truly elegant look. You may want to add a single vermeil charm to become a focus charm or maybe even create an outstanding piece of jewelry with a series of vermeil charms. There are also enamel charms presented in our collection. Those are durable, easy to take care of and coming in many shapes, styles and colors.

And the last but absolutely not the least – think in advance of a clasp you will be using. Most charms are using the so called lobster clasp. It makes it easy to attach and to take the charms off while reliably securing them on the bracelet or necklace or whatever part of the wardrobe you plan on using them with. However some charms, more often charm beads, are constructed in a way that they are not clasped, but have a hole through which a chain or a bracelet should be threaded. So make sure to check the compatibility.