Ribbons Bracelets: Be Beautiful In Your Simplicity

Every girl wants to highlight her beauty, and accessories are the best way to stand out and stay yourself. We suggest you a great option - Ribbons bracelets that are extremely easy to create and bring much pleasure when wearing. Bright ribbons will underline your exceptional personality and allow you to feel free and unique. In this article, you will discover why Ribbons bracelets are so popular nowadays and learn how to tie a gorgeous accessory on your own. Keep reading and explore the fantastic world of extraordinary jewelry.

What is a Ribbons bracelet?

A Ribbons bracelet is a charming jewelry piece that finds its place in every women’s collection. These accessories are made of colorful ribbons of different sizes and materials. They are usually decorated with links, beads, and charms, making an appealing look. You can wear this bracelet on a daily basis with any outfit. Just try to match the colors, and you will have a unique appearance. Women used to make Ribbons bracelets hundreds of years ago. Fashion for these bright accessories started in India, where females adorned their colorful attires with Ribbons pieces. You may get a stunning accessory in a store, handcraft master, or create with your hands. Please, take a look at the article on handmade bracelets, where you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration to create your piece. Ribbon bracelets are great complements to summer outfits, allowing you to shine in your simplicity. Many think that ribbons do not match dress-up clothes but in this article, you will ascertain the opposite.

Ribbons bracelets types

Ribbons come in a variety of colors and designs, so you will definitely find the appropriate accessory. Natural materials for ribbons bracelets include silk, cotton, and jute, while synthetic ones are polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. We want to present to your attention a short description of Ribbons bracelets types to facilitate your choice.

Beaded Ribbons bracelet

Beaded bracelets do not leave anyone cold and mix and match any outfit and event. Check out a collection of our beads and make sure they are fantastic in their variety. A ribbon bow will give you accessory elegance and charm. You may wear it with romantic gowns, summer dresses, and casual looks. It would be a great gift idea for a girl as well as mother & daughter bracelets for important life occasions. Do not hesitate to experiment and stack beaded Ribbon bracelets with other pieces.

Charm Ribbons bracelet

You can make your Ribbon bracelet meaningful with charms as they represent a person's identity, dreams, and beliefs. Your accessory’s elements must match in color and style. Consider that some charms manifest peculiar ideas, such as equity, freedom, or cancer awareness. Thus, you should put on this bracelet not on any occasion but when it’ll be appropriate. Look at our amazing charm bracelets that can be complemented with a stylish ribbon.

Link Ribbon bracelet

If you want to add a bit of cuteness to your outfit, choose a link bracelet with ribbons. This elegant accessory may look childish, but sometimes we want to forget daily troubles and get back into careless tines. You can choose gold or silver links and silk ribbons for an extravagant adornment piece on your wrist. Complement your look with dangle earrings, and everyone will draw their eyes to your charming appearance.

Friendship Ribbons bracelet

Best friends prove their close connection via colorful pair accessories on their wrists. Ribbon bracelets are an excellent choice for those seeking a creative way to represent friendship. You can tie these pieces together while watching films and talking, or you can make it with your hands and present it to your bestie. We have many other friendship bracelets ideas, follow the link.

Ribbons bracelets features

Ribbons bracelets serve as gorgeous accessories for daily outfits and great gifts to your dear girls, daughters, sisters, etc. Besides, you can easily make it on your own and spend your time with use and pleasure. Another great feature of these bracelets is that they are perfect for stacking and match with other accessories. You can get a ribbon and masterly adorn your link or charm bracelets. Ribbons bracelets' characteristic feature lies in their humble elegance and charm.

How to make a Ribbons bracelet?

You can make your Ribbon bracelet without much time and effort, but as a result, you will get an appealing accessory. We suggest you two ways of making a bracelet from ribbons choose the one you like the most or make both. Firstly, pay attention to the Ribbon bracelet with pearls that is so gorgeous and straightforward that you will fall in love with it from first sight. In order to create this chick and cute accessory, you need a ribbon, different beads, a plastic thread, and a needle. So you may start with knotting a thread onto the ribbon and leaving a long piece of ribbon off to the side to tie the bracelet together when it is complete. The next step is threading the beads and making stitches after each bead so that your bracelet is a combination of little ribbon waves and beads between them. Then knot the thread to secure the beads onto the ribbon. Now you can tie a cute bow and wear your majestic accessory with summer dresses.

Another interesting idea to make a Ribbon bracelet lies in using a chain and ribbon that perfectly match a chunky accessory. To create this jewelry piece you will need a large flat link chain so that you can pull the ribbon through its holes. Take also two jump rings: one medium and one large, lobster clasp, a ribbon, super glue, and pliers. Firstly, you have to ensure that a chain length corresponds to the girth of your wrist. If your chain is too long, you can use pliers to shorten it to the correct measurement. Now you should move to the ribbon and cut about an 8-inch piece. You are free to choose a ribbon of any color and width so that the accessory matches your outfits. So it’s time to slide your ribbon downward through the first chain and pull it back up through the next one and keep doing it until you reach your last link in your chain. We hope that it looks gorgeous, and now you have to cut your ribbon, leaving a 1-inch length. Then apply glue to the ribbon edges to prevent it from unraveling as well as to a chain so that it keeps your ribbon around the chain. Now you can attach your jump rings to the ends of a bracelet. Wrap it around your wrist and enjoy wearing a lovely bracelet that will always be in vogue.


Now you can see that Ribbon bracelets are universal accessories matching any outfits and occasions. Reveal your personality and creativity with bright ribbons on your wrist. We hope that we managed to show you the entire beauty of these accessories, and now you know which one you will get the next time.



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