Pearls make an excellent example of jewelry embellishment that adds timeless beauty to the image of a wearer. Pearls are made by living creatures and it takes several years for a pearl to be created.

Known for their simplicity and gentle colors, these organic gemstones help to make flawless jewelry of different types. Beautiful pearl rings and necklaces, fabulous bracelets and earrings are crafted with these natural gems created by a reaction of a shell-fish to foreign matter inside its shell. When an irritant is entered into the shell the living creature attempts to get trapped and isolated. The aragonite mineral is applied to the foreign matter and forms a pearl over time. Mollusk shells are made of the same mineral. As long as the circumstances required for pearl creating are fairly rare, the industry of man assosted pearls is well developed in order to fill the gap between natural supply and the fashion industry demand. Pearl farms use both saltwater seas and freshwater lakes to create pearls. The oysters are injected with a special tissue acting as an irritant that encourages the host to form a pearl. The industry is using both fresh-water and salt-water oysters.

It is important to know the features of pearls to be ready to tell the natural pearl of the imitation. Authentic pearls never show the perfectly even surface. Many of them are textured and irregularly shaped. Such unique pearls are highly valuable and often used to create the one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

Pearls with nature origin could be created in a variety of colors. Those are achieved when the pearl is tinted with an organic pigment. Range of colors consists of ivory, pink, purple, grey, chocolate, black and classic white. Such a variety lets you choose the jewelry relative to the colors of outfits you are going to compliment.

Imitation pearls appeared many centuries ago. First are thought to be made by Ancient Romans. Imitation pearls were created with glass beads that were layered with various pearl imitating substances. Identifying an imitation pearl is simple. A genuine natural pearl has uneven and somewhat grainy surface while imitation pearls are always smoothed and have even surface.