Red sponge coral in sterling silver jewelry industry

Bright gemstones have attracted beauty's attention for centuries ranging from a stunning blood red to pinkish-orange. People admired corals’ unique beauty and believed these gemstones to have powerful energy. We would like to give some details about the popular gemstone used nowadays in sterling silver jewelry pieces called the Red Sponge Coral.

Originally, this eye-catching addition to women's jewelry is an organism vastly spread in almost all main water reservoirs. It is extensively used in jewelry fashion today and we will explore the reason for such popularity. Read the article to find more compelling details on red corals and add them to your collection.

What is red sponge coral

Red Sponge Coral’s biological name is Corallium rubrum. Basically, corals are very small organisms forming colonies. These organisms with no backbone continuously grow during 10-12 years and have a potential lifetime of up to 100 years.

The main sources are situated in the Mediterranean sea, at the coast of Australia and Japan. They are also found in the Midway Islands, Red Sea, the Canary Islands, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Malaysian Coast, Italy, (Sardinia), and Hawaii in shallow and clear sea-water at a depth of about 15ft to 16ft.

Today, reefs are affected by many factors like pollution, global warming, and physical impact. Investigations of Red Sponge Coral presence show that the species are continuously reducing in number due to their vast collection and farming. They grow very slowly, taking a reef decades to regenerate. Therefore, we should protect these unique marine creatures that give so much beauty to our lives.

What is Red Sponge Coral

Do red sponge corals and red corals differ?

You may wonder if there is any difference between Red Sponge Coral and Red Coral gemstone. And they differ in some aspects that play a huge role in jewelry making. Sponge Coral is smoothed while the gemstone does not necessarily have a smooth surface. Also, although the gemstones are mostly minerals, the Red Coral is not.

Red sponge coral jewelry history

Red Sponge Corals have been popular in Western and Eastern cultures due to their vibrant color and silky texture. Corals have a long history and were firstly found in Neolithic graves. Red Sponge Coral jewelry was predominantly used by Africans while black attracted the Ancient Greeks.

Ancient cultures believed the corals’ red color could increase physical strength. They wore coral amulets to protect themselves from evil spirits and placed these charms at home. People endowed stones with magical properties and believed to be healthy and wealthy. Today we find it strange that corals were used to cure madness and tooth pain.

Both men and women wanted to benefit from red coral mystical power wearing different jewelry. We can find precious rings, necklaces, tiaras, crowns adorned with catchy Red Sponge Corals.
Today, thanks to the big supply, red coral jewelry is really affordable. That is one of the main reasons alongside the elegant and original look making sponge coral earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, and other types of sterling silver jewelry so popular nowadays.

Red Sponge Coral jewelry history

What red sponge coral symbolizes

Red Sponge Coral was believed to have a strong protective power for hundreds of years. It captivates negative energy bringing a surge of warmth and joy to the wearer’s life. The stone of motivation empowers people to never give up and overcome difficulties. Red Sponge Coral is the source of underwater energy. Those who decide to adorn their jewelry with this stone should expect courage and the ability to recognize others’ intentions.

Speaking about physical health, Red Sponge Coral owners benefit from a strong healing force and protection from many diseases. Coral symbolizes life and is thought to be helping heart patients to recover. It is as well believed that coral is good for the circulatory system and adds strength to the bones and blood. Tissue regeneration is stimulated, and the blood cells are positively affected by it. The nervous system is treated as well. Besides, the stone holds the female energy, which empowers women to fully reveal their internal femininity.

Many people enjoy wearing jewelry with their birthstones. Speaking of red coral, its sign of the zodiac is Aries or Scorpio, the coral is ruled by planet Mars and is a birthstone for October. The wearer is said to possess such wonderful qualities as passion and love.

How to choose a good coral

When choosing red coral jewelry, take a good look at the stone itself. It should not showcase any black spots or inclusions. High-quality stone is perfectly cut with the best possible clarity. The color is a vibrant red. No cracks or impurities should be visible.

Natural red corals are often found in antique decorations and some modern jewelry pieces that make it challenging to find an original stone. There are many imitations in the market made of glass, bone, or plastic. Not to purchase a duplicate for a handsome sum, follow these tips. Firstly, you may take a glass to identify if there are no scratches or inclusions in the stone. In order to identify you buy a real Red Sponge Coral, you can also put it in a glass of milk and wait until the substance becomes red.

The corals used in the jewelry we offer at the website are high quality. They are surrounded by polished sterling silver, providing a magnificent eye-catching contrast look. Learn how to care for red sponge corals and clean them in our blog.

You can wear coral decorations on formal occasions with cocktail dresses as well as complement your casual outfits with a pair of catchy coral earrings. It depends on your taste so experiment with colors and textures and feel unique.

How to choose a good coral


Now you see that red coral jewelry is an excellent choice for any woman who wants to stand out and express her powerful energy. The stone possesses different healing properties and makes its owner more confident and energetic. You can choose various decorations made of Red Sponge Coral, starting from bracelets and necklaces and ending with elegant earrings and rings. Be yourself and highlight your beauty with amazing decorations with red coral.



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