We would like to give some details about the popular gemstone used nowadays in sterling silver jewelry pieces called the Red Sponge Coral. Originally, this eye-catching addition to women jewelry is an organism vastly spread in almost all main water reservoirs. It is extensively used in the jewelry fashion.

Investigations of Red Sponge Coral presence show that the species are continuously reducing in number due to their vast collection and farming. The main sources are situated in Mediterranean sea, at the coast of Australia and Japan.

Thanks to the big supply the red coral jewelry is really affordable. That is one of the main reasons alongside the elegant and original look making sponge coral earrings, rings, pendants and other types of sterling silver jewelry so popular nowadays.

Let’s find out what the red sponge coral really is. It’s biological name is Corallium rubrum. Basically, corals are very small organisms forming colonies. These organisms with no backbone continuously grow during 10-12 years and have a potential lifetime of up to 100 years. Is there any difference between Red Sponge Coral and Red Coral gemstone? Sponge Coral is smoothed while the gemstone does not necessary have a smooth surface. Also, although the gemstones are mostly minerals, the Red Coral is not.

Coral symbolizes life and is thought to be helping the heart patients to recover. It is as well believed that coral is good for the circulatory system and adds strength to the bones. Tissue regeneration is stimulated and the blood cells are positively affected by it. The nervous system is treated as well.

Many people enjoy wearing the jewelry with their birthstones. Speaking of red coral, its sign of zodiac is Aries or Scorpio, the coral is ruled by planet Mars and is a birthstone for October. The wearer is said to possess such wonderful qualities like passion and love.

When choosing a red coral jewelry take a good look on the stone itself. It should not showcase any black spots or inclusions. High quality stone is perfectly cut with the best possible clarity. The color is vibrant red. No cracks or impurities should be visible.

The corals used in the jewelry we offer at the website are high quality. They are surrounded with polished sterling silver providing a magnificent eye-catching contrast look.